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We’re on the hunt for a marketer to join our team, an exciting opportunity to be a part of the energetic, fast-moving world of pub marketing, and the chance to get involved with a team of food and drink enthusiasts, putting our guests at the heart of everything we do. Peach is a collection of … Continued

Vegetarian, flexitarian, or not veggo at all?……

 Mildreds is having a great time right now. After 28 years of a single restaurant, they’ve taken the plunge, and opened 2 more, and all are thriving. Corin, our senior chefs and I spent a day in London with Dan, their exec chef last week – and wow did we cook and eat some great … Continued

Peach Shares Ownership!

It’s our first value for a reason – we know that sharing ownership breeds a culture which wants the company to succeed. So when we get the chance to add more partners to our business, we grab it with both hands. We celebrated making three new partners while we were in Barcelona. Ben Paul, GM at … Continued