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Vegetarian, flexitarian, or not veggo at all?……

¬†Mildreds is having a great time right now. After 28 years of a single restaurant, they’ve taken the plunge, and opened 2 more, and all are thriving.

Corin, our senior chefs and I spent a day in London with Dan, their exec chef last week – and wow did we cook and eat some great food. The food world is moving fast, and nowhere faster than London. Minority foods, and minority tastes are being grabbed, re-launched and re-invented faster than you can say ‘Steak & Chips.’ Yotam Ottolenghi has to take some of the credit for the wider awareness of vegetarian, but he’s certainly not the only guy making waves. Mildreds approach is to make great plates of food, they just don’t use meat (Dan himself does eat meat – just not at work).

So whatever your view of what you eat – flesh lover, some days veggie, or all the time, 7 days a week vegetarian, I’d recommend next time you’re in town, give one of the Mildreds restaurants a visit, the food is simply delicious.

But when you’re not in London, swing by one of our pubs, as over the next five weekends, we’re challenging our chefs to make vegetarian specials every week. Let us know what you think……


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