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Making Life Peachy

Peach began in 2002, when we opened The Rose & Crown in Warwick, believing every town deserves a great pub. Today we have eighteen pubs in lovely town and villages – and an undimmed devotion to making life Peachy.

What do we mean by Making Life Peachy?

Our values make us unique and making life Peachy is living them out every day both with our team and guests. Ask any of our team and we’re pretty sure they would be happy to reel them off! It’s not just a set of values we live by but also the fundamental workings of what makes a visit to a Peach Pub great.

We’re a bunch of foodies who only want to serve food and drink we’re happy to have ourselves and whilst our pubs have similarities, each one is individual. We’ll never use the word ‘chain’, our pubs all have their own personality and we love characters, both sides of the bar, it’s a place for all. Our teams and guests give our pubs energy and whatever your request, tell us, we’ll see what we can do.

Serving the good stuff is what we do – best of British, free-range and ethically sourced. It might cost us more, but if it means serving the good stuff then that’s what we’ll do. Our drinks are chosen by real enthusiasts which allows us to serve premium drinks at pub prices, and we really do care about our suppliers. Building strong and long relationships with those who share our values. It’s about aiming for consistency. We want to be the one you recommend and if anything slips, please tell us so we can put it right.

Let our pubs be the place you relax, have fun and make new friends. Whether it’s hosting your party celebrations or the next dinner party, we’ll always strive to give you a great time.  We want to make your life peachy through great people, food and fun.

Visit us soon.