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What’s your Christmas personality?

Everyone approaches Christmas in their own way, but the real question is which festive personality are you? The life and soul You have a carefree and easy-going attitude over the festive season, and everyone wants to be around you. You’re the life and soul of the Christmas Party, always the first to lead in the … Continued

Lest we forget

With all the trials and tribulations 2016 has bought to the world so far, it’s nice to take a moment to come together and reflect on such important moments in our country’s history. Like many people across the nation, remembrance day holds a strong place in my heart, however I am very fortunate to not … Continued

Valentine’s through the eyes of a singleton…

Valentine’s Day… It’s that time of the year again. In a relationship and feeling the love? Or if like me, you are facing this February 14th alone (perhaps for the first time) then here are my top tips for survival. February 14th – isn’t that a Tuesday? Simply, forget it’s Valentine’s, it’s just your average … Continued

Which Christmas advert tops our list this year…

Working in marketing means much excitement this time of year, and not for the interest in who’s going to win XFactor or I’m a Celebrity. Christmas brings a whole lot of advertising spend to our screens, so we give a rundown of what we think of some of this year’s efforts. First up Aldi, starring … Continued


Posting photos of what you eat is fast becoming the norm in today’s society, and millennials are setting the trend with Instagram becoming the number one social platform to share their foodie pics. A quick search on popular food-related hashtags, shows the sheer volume of content being posted to the channel every single day. There … Continued

Fussy eaters…

At Peach, we don’t have a children’s menu, as we believe kids should eat food as good as yours, but with the end of the school holidays in sight, we know how hard packing a well-balanced, healthy lunchbox can be. Getting the kids to eat more of the good stuff can be quite the challenge … Continued

Press for Gin?

If you could order your favourite product with the single push of a button in your own home – what item would you choose? It might be hard to believe, but Amazon is well on the way to making this happen in the UK, with it’s Dash Button service. Following its success in the US, … Continued

Back in the Tent!

The Great British Bake Off is back – with its usual mix of people and personalities, this series looks to be as good as ever! Although the 12 contestants in this year’s Great British Bake Off are being described as the most polished in the competition’s history – the first week saw four contestants throw their creations in … Continued

Br-aking Bake Off Drama

Woah – we weren’t expecting that! GBBO, the wholesomely, British baking contest, leaving its spiritual home, the BBC, for Channel 4? WHAT! It looks like this is all about the money. It is rumoured that the BBC’s final offer of £15 million a year, was four times as much as they have been paying for … Continued