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Christmas in Hospitality

For us caterers, Christmas sings atmosphere, countless turkey lunches, mulled wine and parties! Whether you love it or loathe it, it promises a busy time for all involved. At Peach, we get started back in August, with a session planning this year’s festivities. All the pubs get together, pull on their Santa hats and enjoy a … Continued

Break up your Easter

Birmingham, Bedford, Warwick, Witney or Cranleigh – a stay with us in one of our lovely rooms is the perfect plan for the Easter weekend. All in great locations, our rooms come with the added bonus of having a pub just downstairs.  Whether it’s a weekend away for the two, or a mini break for … Continued

Home Schooling Help

As the kids went back to school and we smiled thinking “thank god we don’t have to do that again”, we find ourselves here, doing this again! We all know it’s tough having the children at home again, everyone in the house battling for some quiet space, swapping the teacher hat, for the work hat … Continued

Which beer are you?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and hoppy? Is your skin gold with colour and you’re bubbling with energy? Do you love food from the Mediterranean? Then Estrella is the one for you!  *** Are you a smooth talker with a decent body? Are you fruity, sweet and bright? Give Sharp’s Cornish … Continued

Which Christmas advert tops our list this year…

Working in marketing means much excitement this time of year, and not for the interest in who’s going to win XFactor or I’m a Celebrity. Christmas brings a whole lot of advertising spend to our screens, so we give a rundown of what we think of some of this year’s efforts. First up Aldi, starring … Continued


Posting photos of what you eat is fast becoming the norm in today’s society, and millennials are setting the trend with Instagram becoming the number one social platform to share their foodie pics. A quick search on popular food-related hashtags, shows the sheer volume of content being posted to the channel every single day. There … Continued

Fussy eaters…

At Peach, we don’t have a children’s menu, as we believe kids should eat food as good as yours, but with the end of the school holidays in sight, we know how hard packing a well-balanced, healthy lunchbox can be. Getting the kids to eat more of the good stuff can be quite the challenge … Continued