Br-aking Bake Off Drama - Peach Pubs

Br-aking Bake Off Drama

Woah – we weren’t expecting that! GBBO, the wholesomely, British baking contest, leaving its spiritual home, the BBC, for Channel 4? WHAT!

It looks like this is all about the money. It is rumoured that the BBC’s final offer of £15 million a year, was four times as much as they have been paying for the contract. But, that was topped by Channel 4’s offer of £25million – or £75million over three years. Amazing for a show that’s concept was based on a village fete.

Mel and Sue certainly aren’t impressed, they’re refusing to follow the show, who will ever replace them?

This is business though, and being the positive people we are, we look to the bright side. Change and evolution should be embraced, it is important to move with the times and keep improving. In this situation it looks like the BBC couldn’t afford to do this for Bake off, and where they have fallen, Channel 4 have risen.

On that note, we really hope the show doesn’t lose what makes it so unique compared to the other talent shows and still remains to be all about the food. We know we’ll be staying tuned!