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What’s your Christmas personality?

Everyone approaches Christmas in their own way, but the real question is which festive personality are you?

The life and soul

dogYou have a carefree and easy-going attitude over the festive season, and everyone wants to be around you. You’re the life and soul of the Christmas Party, always the first to lead in the merriment and games. But be warned – being the socialite you are means you’ll quickly burn out. Make time for a nap to be sure you make it through all the festive fun.





It’s pretty obvious that Christmas isn’t really your favourite time of the year, and when the season rolls around, you’re definitely a little frosty, particularly if you have to share your peace and quiet with a bunch of relatives you rarely see. You can become a little moody if it all gets too much, so take a book, and have a little you time when charades is suggested…



Christmas fairy


You’re one of the most reliable and thoughtful people at Christmas-time. You delight in sprinkling your Christmas sparkle everywhere you go. You wish nothing but peace and good will to all. People can rely on you a little too much, meaning you end up doing all the work, make sure you delegate.



Classy Christmas


You refuse to use anything but white lights (your house is outlined in them) and beautiful reindeer light statues. You think that most of Christmas is extremely tacky so you restrict your Christmas music to Bing Crosby and watch Christmas films made before 1950.



Lazy Christmas

treeYou throw a wreath on the door and plug in the artificial tree that’s been sitting in your loft (who wants loose pine needles everywhere). You panic buy on Christmas eve, quickly assigning presents to whoever is on the list.



Christmas as an Excuse to Get Hammered

proseccoNeed we say anymore? ‘Tis the season of giving and 8% alcohol.





The Over-Celebrator

jumpersYou start wearing a Santa hat in September. In terms of decorations, you’re known on your street as “the one with all the decorations”. There is at least one blow up snow man/Santa/reindeer in your garden and at least one Santa crashing into/going down your chimney. Ah, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Buddy The Elf


You truly love everything about Christmas. You love giving and receiving gifts, togetherness, and Christmas cake. You buy your family matching pyjamas and force them to wear them. Looking through the Christmas cards that your family receives is the high point of the season. Nothing about you is disingenuine, despite what those around you may think.

Whichever personality you are – we hope you enjoy the festive season – in your own way!!