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Back in the Tent!

The Great British Bake Off is back – with its usual mix of people and personalities, this series looks to be as good as ever!

Although the 12 contestants in this year’s Great British Bake Off are being described as the most polished in the competition’s history – the first week saw four contestants throw their creations in the bin, and start over!


Bake off captures the heart of the nation and encourages those who may not typically find themselves enthused by food to get addicted. If you haven’t tuned in before though – BEWARE – you will experience severe cake cravings (HELLO gin and tonic cake!). You have been warned…


Although some of the judges’ comments this week may have suppressed that. “It tastes very grassy” and “I don’t think you’d be able to throw it in the bin because it will just bounce back” are just a few examples of the judge’s thoughts. However, at Peach, we always serve the good stuff and just like Mary and Paul we constantly chase perfection.

We love the wholesome feel of the show – there’s no glitz and glam like the usual talent competitions – it is all about the food and the contestant’s passion for creating unique bakes that stand out against the rest. Throw in an innuendo or two, the dream team of judges and presenters and you’ve got the perfect anecdote for a hump day evening.

Bring on the rest of the series. Ready, set, BAKE!