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Valentine’s through the eyes of a singleton…

Valentine’s Day…

It’s that time of the year again. In a relationship and feeling the love? Or if like me, you are facing this February 14th alone (perhaps for the first time) then here are my top tips for survival.

February 14th – isn’t that a Tuesday?

Simply, forget it’s Valentine’s, it’s just your average Tuesday. It’s not a national holiday, you don’t have to buy a card or gifts. Spend it how you would any other day, do whatever you would normally do, pop to the gym, watch Eastenders or go shopping.

Don’t confirm

It’s just a hallmark day, existing solely for the card industry to make a killing. With £545 million being spent on Valentine’s day in 2014 alone, it’s enough to boycott.

Safety in numberspals

Not all of your friends can be in relationships surely? Round up the girls and plan something fun. Head to a bar, there’ll be plenty of other singles, go to the cinema, have a pamper session, the possibilities are endless. Not ones to be exclusive, we have even decided to offer Prosecco to tables of four in some of our pubs, no questions asked!

Meal for one

Like your own company? Of course you do, you’re happily single. Why not revel in this, get yourself a takeaway, rent a film and grab your duvet. Ignore the world for a few hours.

Do something about it!

Find a singles night, there’ll be plenty about on Valentine’s Day. If you’re a bit shy and that’s not quite the route you want to go down. Download a dating app and sit in the comfort of your home swiping in search of the perfect match. Tinder, Match, Temptr or Plenty of Fish, there’s plenty of options.

Let the evening be-GIN.

Grab a bottle, grab a glass, need I say more?

So there you have it, all your options for a blissful (or not so much) Valentine’s Day as a singleton.