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Drink up this Summer

Our drinks list is developed by a team of real enthusiasts, and changes twice a year. Our team of drinkies (like foodies, but source great quality drinks instead!), not only look at trends in the market, but also at data around what our guests are drinking, to develop a list that’s exciting and meets demand. … Continued

The Hunt for the Best British Burger…

At Peach, we believe in only ever Serving the Good Stuff, and that means only the best quality Aubrey Allen Beef and Brown Sugar Bakery Brioche Buns for our Coarse-ground Steak Burgers. At the start of this year our Executive Head Chef, Corin Earland, and a team of our Sous Chefs, trotted off to London … Continued

A trip to the coast…

The Amalfi Coast, a beautiful place, full of rolling mountain villages and glimmering beaches. Diary entry written by Emily Dolan from The Embankment. It’s 9am on a Monday morning and I’m sitting at the airport four and a half hours before our flight, waiting to be joined by six other unknown faces to this whimsical fairytale … Continued

Counting down to our new drinks list…

As we go on through 2020, a year that will be marked down in history, I’m sure many of us have taken time to slow down, and reflect. As a business, many of our team have been volunteering to support the local communities. From NHS volunteering, to virtual quizzes and planning for the future, we’re … Continued

Anyone detoxing?

It’s January and you’re probably thinking about how to get into shape after all that cheese you ate, and the wine you drank…. Well, our chefs have come to the rescue and have devised two delicious salads, full of the good stuff to help you fill your belly full of superfoods. So, what are superfoods? … Continued

Bigger Promise 2 – We Feed Our Guests Well

Back in 2019, when The Bigger Peach Team was born, we created a set of promises to follow, to set us on the path of being the most sustainable Gastro Pub Company on the Planet! Some of the promises, we’d already been living by every day – feeding our guests well, is one of them. … Continued

Are you ready to be hooked?

Hooky from Hook Norton Brewery is our new cask ale. This multi-award winning bitter is golden, hoppy and malty – a classic clear, bright and quaffable beer. Only last year, it took Gold in the International Brewing Awards.  Hook Norton’s ales are made with traditional quality ingredients and, like us, source locally where possible. Most … Continued

There’s more to Summer cocktails, than just gin!

When we first explored the world of bourbon for our Autumn drinks list, we thought of it as a cosy sipping liquor. But this Summer, we’ve been enjoying it in all manner of long drinks – and they’ve been so good, we just had to share. Bourbon started out as a way for arable farmers … Continued

Autumn brings us wonderful things

As the season changes, so does our menu. So join us and hanker down to a hearty slow braise, or enjoy an Autumnal salad from our new menus, launching on Wednesday 3rd October. Autumn brings us wonderful things – berries, squashes, mushrooms, game and pies. Hot topic at the moment is the Crown Prince Pumpkin. … Continued