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A trip to the coast…

The Amalfi Coast, a beautiful place, full of rolling mountain villages and glimmering beaches.

Diary entry written by Emily Dolan from The Embankment.

img_3948It’s 9am on a Monday morning and I’m sitting at the airport four and a half hours before our flight, waiting to be joined by six other unknown faces to this whimsical fairytale of a place. Matt, our Super Bar Support Peach arrives, and helps sink a couple of cold ones along with our Rep Adie. Before long, we’re handed our tickets and we head for the gate, stopping off for one more quick drink while skimming into our closing boarding gate.

We arrive in Naples, and climb onto a bus before taking the 40 minute drive over the mountains to the Amalfi Coast. Despite the rain and lack of sun, we’re buzzing. We finally arrive at our hotel, throw our stuff into our rooms and head down to dinner in the local. A little authentic restaurant Adie has talked to the hotel staff in booking for us.

We set out on a half an hour trek (walking past the restaurant 3 times!) before eventually finding our stop and enjoying a lovely meal and some wonderful wine. “Mamma” of the restaurant watches us with her team through a few gaps in the wall, giggling away whilst we natter away, not a care in the world. After dinner, we go in search of other bars, to find that EVERYTHING is closed. After much deliberation,  we head back to the restaurant we ate in.. to find it now closed too, leaving us the only option of heading back to our hotel to raid the minibars.

Waking up feeling fresh, we head for the isle of Capri, a hugely charming place. Regardless of another day of rain, we opt for a boat trip around the island. It was choppy to say the least, but we got to see the gorgeous cliffs, lined with white houses, and a scattering of private beaches. The last supper was enjoyed out on a small pier overlooking the water and up at the beautiful lights of Capri. We were served some incredible meals, whilst a huge thunder and lightning storm flew over. Nevermind, we continued to put more delicious local wine away. img_4024

Being out of season, the bars are shutting up early again, but we managed to source some wine, and head back to the hotel for moonwalking and beatboxing lessons from the boys until the early hours of the morning.

All a little tired on our last morning, and probably still slightly drunk, we wake to some sun. Making the most of the weather, we sat outside with lots of black coffee and look out at at the stunning views and ocean. Before long, it was then off to the airport, ready to brace ourselves for Stansted weather!

… and for me that was Amalfi.