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The Hunt for the Best British Burger…

peach burger 1At Peach, we believe in only ever Serving the Good Stuff, and that means only the best quality Aubrey Allen Beef and Brown Sugar Bakery Brioche Buns for our Coarse-ground Steak Burgers. At the start of this year our Executive Head Chef, Corin Earland, and a team of our Sous Chefs, trotted off to London in search of the latest trends in the Burger world. Last week, I managed to ask them about their trip and the places they visited…

Shake Shack

Overall a good experience, soft Buns & sweet crunchy Onions with a tasty home-made Sauce. There didn’t seem to be much differences in the the Burger choices, but the best part for us were the Crinkle-cut Chips! A winner.

Dip and Flip

A trendy place, a little vintage in style, with a nice relaxed feel, consisting of a small menu of Burgers, Shakes and Bourbon & Pickle shoots. The Chilli Burger was served up as a plain patty with Green Chilli Cheese and was very tasty and moist. A little Chilli in the Burger would really have helped lift the intensity of the flavour though. The Veggie Burger had a nice combination of flavours and was a great addition to the menu and the Milkshakes tried were awesome too! The Pickle Backs were also a highlight, 10/10.


Dirty Burger

A hipster-style shack with 1950’s music playing in the background, serving Burgers son waxed paper out the back of a restaurant in Kentish Town, this place took more than your basic navigation skills to find. The simple wooden furnishings with paper place-settings provided a rustic, informal feel, and there was a definite sense of excitement in seeing your wrapped gift arriving from the kitchen. The Beef was well-aged and tasted great, and even the people leaving the gym behind us couldn’t have made us feel guilty for devouring such a treat. Overall a superb hidden gem, all that was missing was the sawdust from the floor.

Patty & Bun

Simple but elegant décor, with friendly and charming waitresses. With playful names and great sides such as Chicken Fries and fat, juicy Burgers served pink, this was another top scorer. The “Lambshank Redemption” had a subtle Coriander taste with Cumin Aioli and Salad in the Bun, but the real hero was the quadruple cooked Skin-on Fries, with Chicken Aioli and Chicken Salt, an Automatic +2 to the whole experience.

burger Peach

So what did we bring back to our pubs?

Our latest Burger blends the perfect ratio of Rib, Chuck and Brisket, giving the right balance of fat, flavour and moisture for a more juicier Burger. You’ll find it on all our lunch menus throughout the week, but for something a little different then join one of our pubs Burger Nights. Monday nights are always a good place to start, the perfect cure for any of those blues! Join The Rose & Crown, The Old Mill, Brookmans or The Richard Onslow, or if you’d prefer, Tuesdays see Burger Night at The Star & Garter and The Fleece in Witney. The Fleece offer their aptly-named menu consisting of The Chuck Norris, The Casablanca and the Three Amigos from 6pm and Wednesdays is all about the Burgers at The Almanack. Like their Facebook Page for exclusive access to their ‘in the know’ Burger each week.