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Counting down to our new drinks list…

As we go on through 2020, a year that will be marked down in history, I’m sure many of us have taken time to slow down, and reflect. As a business, many of our team have been volunteering to support the local communities. From NHS volunteering, to virtual quizzes and planning for the future, we’re planning on re-opening stronger and better than we’ve ever been before.

As a drinks enthusiast, I have spent the last few weeks drinking (like many), and contemplating the next drinks list.  Being responsible for the drinks list across our beautiful pubs is a big task, but one I’m proud to do. Every six months I have the difficult job of looking at the plethora of gins in the market, looking for a range that will interest, excite and stand out from others in the area.

With my ear to the ground, I talk to the teams and listen to what our guests are asking for, whilst making sure I stick to our value of only serving the good stuff. Our list has to have great flavoured gins that perhaps our guests have never tried before, superb gins from smaller artisan producers who we want to support, and of course a few go-to winners too. But it’s not just about the gin range, we also spend time working on the cocktails; something fruity, something short and something adventurous, but always keeping the classics too!

And if you’re driving, expecting or just not a drinker, we have the good stuff for you. As trends change, and we see more guests look for non-alcoholic alternatives, we taste new products to market and ensure we have a decent range for any non-drinker. From alcohol-free gins, to a non-alcoholic aperol, great cans, mocktails and Kombucha too. We develop our range to make sure there’s something for everyone, no matter what your reason to be off the stronger stuff.

We can’t wait to re-open our doors and show you the new list. We’ve added a pink gin to the range (we know, at last!), we’ve taken inspiration from holidays abroad and got our hands on a light Menorcan family-made gin, perfect for siting the garden and being reunited with friends. There’s a new rhubarb in town, from our good friends at Chase, plus two more new flavours too! If you’re drinking, but looking for something lighter, we have an alternative G&T, two wine sparklers and three fizzy cocktails – all which are lower ABV.

We only serve what we want to drink ourselves, introducing you to something you may not have tried before, and hopefully won’t have in your home bar. As we begin to enter into some form of normality, we will continue to support all the fabulous producers and hope you’ll join us in supporting them too, and enjoying something great from our new list when you can.