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There’s more to Summer cocktails, than just gin!

When we first explored the world of bourbon for our Autumn drinks list, we thought of it as a cosy sipping liquor. But this Summer, we’ve been enjoying it in all manner of long drinks – and they’ve been so good, we just had to share.

Bourbon started out as a way for arable farmers to earn some extra cash, and early bourbons were bitter, rough and pretty bad. The rules for production were tough. At least 51% corn, distilled to a strength of no more than 160 proof before being being diluted to the 40% ABV we know and love, and aged in new oak charred barrels. But, luckily, recipes developed, enthusiasts took over, and this much-loved iconic spirit is enjoying a renaissance.

Producers are working extremely hard on their environmental, so, not only can you enjoy a great tasting spirit, you can also feel good about their sustainability efforts too.

Time to find the bourbon for you…

Maker’s Mark

Elegant, light and slightly sweet with big caramel and vanilla notes. Try it this summer in one of our Collins cocktails – served simply with lemon juice and soda. Or ask for it with a dash of Cointreau, mixed with orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine. A Maker’s Mark Summer Mash Up.

Using corn and wheat from farmers within a 30 mile radius of their site, and a production facility that recycles most by-products of the distillation – Maker’s Mark is a real high five on the ‘being-green’ scale. Recycling 95% of all waste, they are super passionate about limiting their environmental impact.

Woodford Reserve

Crafted in small batches, using five sources of flavour, giving a clean, crisp finish. Higher rye content gives a spicy character, whilst flavours of toffee, chocolate and citrus remain. Try it in a bourbon sour.

One of the oldest and smallest distilleries, they work alongside Kentucky Chapter of The Nature Conservancy to help protect and preserve the local habitat. Planting trees, improving Glenn’s Creek’s water quality and building gardens to attract wildlife are all included in the project.

Hudson Baby Bourbon

Our premium small batch, this bourbon sits above the rest. A real craft spirit, and a great story – being the first legal bourbon to be produced in New York stats since prohibition.

Hudson is our favourite bourbon on the back bar, and for summer it’s best enjoyed as a summer smash. Muddle together fruit and your favourite herb, add sugar syrup or honey, bourbon and top with soda or ginger ale. Perfection.

Tuthilltown Spirits have quickly built a reputation for sustainable growth, using grain harvested by farmers less than 10 miles away, sending their waste mash to local cattle farmers and generating their electricity usage from 53 solar panels. Plus, Han Shan, their brand ambassador was an environmental campaigner before he became a whiskey expert.


Using a recipe followed by generations from the early 1800s, Bulleit bourbon is distilled and aged using a historic family tradition.With a high rye content, limestone-filtered water and charred oak barrel ageing – the result is a bold and spicy character, a smooth, clean finish and soft orange fruits to finish.

Great as a B&T (that’s the bourbon equivalent of a gin & tonic) or throw in some lemon and enjoy the BLT. If you’re prone to a mojito, try a Bulleit mint julep – a summer winner.