The Peach Foundation

One of our over-arching aims here at Peach is to deliver the good stuff.  Every time. And that doesn’t just mean what we serve in our pubs, it also means how we treat people – our guests, our team – and our communities and planet.

The founders of Peach, Lee, Hamish and Jo, have always been passionate about giving back and as Peach has developed and grown over the years, our ability and motivation to make the world a little better, a little peachier, has grown with us.  The Peach Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was created in 2013 to help us do exactly that.  The Foundation is a grant-giving organisation with two strands, one domestic and one international, both of which aim to improve communities and the future sustainability of our world.  It is funded by fundraising within Peach, a 25p contribution from every Superfood Salad sold in our pubs and sponsored events.

Our Achievements

Year Total Pubs Healthy Eating Contribution Charitable donations Enonkishu Projects
2007 8 £5,400 £3,500 Peach Forest Planted. £10k boughts and watered 5000 trees – 2500 Eucalyptus, 2500 indigenous including many Acacia.
2008 10 £5,100 £4,500
2009 13 £6,100 £6,000
2010 14 £6,300 £6,000
2011 14 £7,200 £7,600
2012 15 £6,500 £7,700
2013 16 £6,500 £7,200 Peach Pubathon – raised £10k.
2014 16 £6,800 £7,900 Peach Hippo Sanctuary Trip. Raised £6k and delivered a total of £16k plants 500 trees.
2015 17 £7,100 £8,100
2016 17 £7,200 £8,300 Peach Forest Harvest. Leaving 2500 indigenous trees in conservancy and Naretoi. Harvest profit raised $20k.
2017 18 £7,700 £50,000 Herds for growth. Over 100 cows purchased for the Enonkishu Community.