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Giving Back

We have always been passionate about giving back, and as Peach has grown, we’ve continued to be inspired to do as much good as we can both near and far. From local and national charities, to supporting community groups and organisations, our ability and motivation to make the world a little better, a little peachier, has grown with us. Our team are actively encouraged to get involved in the local community, donating to local projects, and offering our spaces to groups and volunteers.

Each year our teams are invited to nominate charities they would like to support, and in 2022, Peach have supported over 30 organisations. From homelessness and food hunger charities such as Fareshare and Oxford Mutual Aid, to mental heath charities Movember and Mind. We support charities through a range of activity, and this year also donated 350 Santa Hats and 100 pumpkins to Cherwell Collective – a not for profit aimed at supporting Oxfordshire families. Since 2007, The Peach Foundation has enabled our team to help make the world a little Peachier. Aiming to improve communities and the future sustainability of our world. If you’re a charity who would like our support, contact us at –

Our Achievements



Year Total Pubs Healthy Eating Contribution Charitable donations HIGHLIGHTS
2023 22 £4,438 £14,672 Donated water sales to WaterAid on World Water Day. The White Horse and Brookmans both did a reverse advent throughout December, in support of The Salvation Army and Great Ormond Street.
2022 21 £3,728 £23,435 Celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day by donating to 20 local charities. Joe & Sian at The Duke of Wellington completed a cycle ride to Paris and back to raise funds for an Intergenerational Music Group for those with dementia.
2021 20 £4,565 £59,272 Donated over 3,200 meals to Helping Hands. Raised money for The Burnt Chef Project. Donated to Magic Breakfast through special breakfast menu sales. Macmillan Coffee Mornings.
2020 19 £13,279 Removed all single use plastic from our pubs with rooms. Volunteered and supported Your Hub, helping feeding frontline workers and local community members in need.
2019 18 £4,674 £763 Visited Kenya to support the Peach foundation. Donated to WWF and raised 6k for Shelter. Incentivised team car-pooling, to help reduce our emmissions. Team Bigger Peach was born.
2018 18 £5,000 £4,000 Removed all plastic from bars. Our Warwickshire and Oxfordshire pubs moved to locally sourced free-range eggs.
2017 18 £7,700 £50,000 Herds for growth. Over 100 cows purchased for the Enonkishu Community.
2016 17 £7,200 £8,300 Peach Forest Harvest. Leaving 2,500 indigenous trees in conservancy and Naretoi. Harvest profit raised $20k.
2015 17 £7,100 £8,100
2014 16 £6,800 £7,900 Peach Hippo Sanctuary Trip. Raised £6k and delivered a total of £16k plants 500 trees.
2013 16 £6,500 £7,200 Peach Pubathon – raised £10k.
2012 15 £6,500 £7,700
2011 14 £7,200 £7,600
2010 14 £6,300 £6,000
2009 13 £6,100 £6,000
2008 10 £5,100 £4,500
2007 8 £5,400 £3,500 Peach Forest Planted. £10k bought and watered 5000 trees – 2500 Eucalyptus, 2500 indigenous including many Acacia.