The dust is settling after our pub manager becomes an internet sensation - Peach Pubs

The dust is settling after our pub manager becomes an internet sensation

It all started out as a little bit of fun, after seeing a clip of a similar looking guy dancing to his favourite song around the pool. Assistant Manager, Swifty, quickly decided to re-create the video in his Aspalls Cyder Garden at the The James Figg in Thame. The viral hit, showing him watering the new beer garden in readiness for the bank holiday festivities reached over 130,000 people, and was viewed by more than 60,000 in less than 24 hours, the biggest hit any Peach pub has ever had. And the figures are still rising.

Within a week the video was picked up by newspapers both locally and overseas, as far as Australia and the States, extending the video’s views to it’s millions. Goldie, the General Manager explains, “It all started out as a bit of fun, after we shared the original video on the pub’s Facebook page, everyone kept asking if the rather portly Speedo-clad dancer was Swifty. Being a big Facebook user himself, he thought it would be a laugh to put the rumours to bed by doing his own version of the dance, wearing not very much at all in the pub garden.”

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So what made the video so shareable, amassing views of over 5 million?

There is now so much information we’re exposed to on our Facebook feeds, some we pass on, some we don’t. A recent study showed that the strongest factor into whether something is shared, is whether the sharer thinks that content will be enjoyed. Entertaining content with an overall positive sentiment also performs higher in terms of shares, than any other provoked emotion.

We’d love to hear what you think of the video, watch it here.