Which beer are you? - Peach Pubs

Which beer are you?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and hoppy?

Is your skin gold with colour and you’re bubbling with energy?

Do you love food from the Mediterranean?

Then Estrella is the one for you!


Are you a smooth talker with a decent body?

Are you fruity, sweet and bright?

Give Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner a try!


Crisp, bold and timeless with a touch of Italian style, does that sound like you?

Do you enjoy sharing cured meats in the bar or indulging in seafood?

Then Peroni is the beer for you.


Complex, deep and enjoyable yet a little bitter…

If you can admit that sounds familiar, then perhaps you should give our Longhorn IPA a try.


Are you refreshing, unfiltered and slightly spicy?

Is orange your favourite fruit?

If so, Blue Moon, a balanced, Belgian white beer is the one you need.


Are you unique, different and a trend setter?

Enjoy sinking a couple of pints back when you go the pub, and prefer a session beer with good flavour?

Then the latest beer on our bar is the one you need!

Come in and give Pravha a try. Your first pint’s on us.

pravha pic