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How We Calculate Our Carbon Footprint

We’ve been working with our partners at NetZeroNow for a few years, looking at our carbon footprint, and identifying ways of reducing. Over the coming months we will be setting targets and goals on how we can minimise our impact on the environment. We’re currently working with the Net Zero accreditation team ‘NetZero Now’ to work out the carbon footprint of our dishes, here’s how…

Calculating the footprint of dishes and drinks

NetZero now give us the government approved weight, in kg, of C02 impact that a recipe is responsible for

This is an average, and where there is a difference because of the way we procure ingredients, NetZero Now will give us credit for that

It’s great that our choices of product are being recognised as being better than average. Here’s some examples;

⭐ Our Beef is grass fed and supplied by premium British farmers

⭐ Our bottled water, Belu Water, is a Net Zero accredited business 

⭐ Rubies In The Rubble, our tomato sauce, is made using delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste

Find out more about our suppliers here.

We add up all ingredients C02, meaning that in Fish & Chips, the impact of the fish, peas, oil, chips, batter are all calculated.

We also add an average number of grams for cooking gas, heating gas and all other operational inputs needed to keep the pub going 

There’s 2 ways of looking at it – choosing a dishes for our menu that have lower carbon footprints or offsetting the dish to compensate for our impact, with carbon positive projects.

We’re still learning and improving so watch this space!