Who We Are

Our pubs are lovely, but it’s our people that make them stand out. Each one is a well-loved “local” to its regulars (hosting a wealth of fun events and special occasions and supporting good causes), as well as offering a warm welcome to every new face. Our founders (meet them below) are now joined by over a dozen partners who have earned their own share in the business.

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Best Companies to Work For 2017, 45th

Founders and Directors

Lee Cash is a restaurateur to his bones. Trained and mentored by Robin Sheppard and Raymond Blanc, he started Peach at the age of 27 with a clear conviction that people would embrace a pub that served quality food and drink at a sensible price in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Happily, he was right. Today he leads the business by finding new pubs and partners and inspiring and training our team. He is Peach personified.

Hamish Stoddart is a business whizz with a family background in the food industry going back four generations. With a passion for building world-class service teams, he is devoted to making people achieve their potential. With a strong creative vision and a great head for strategy, he is the deal-maker and product-buyer, while also directing the marketing team.

Jo Eames provides the creative flair behind the “look and feel” of all our pubs, handling design, décor and renovation. She is also our wine expert, honing the much-admired wine lists while working with the chef team to develop each pub’s seasonal menus. Creative, commercial and perfectionist, Jo’s goal is to make sure Peach pubs always stand out from the crowd.

Julie Centracchio started life as a bartender at University where she was promptly told by her Dad to get a ‘real’ job. Luckily for us, she has been moving back to the bar ever since. We’re not quite sure how Julie
became an accountant because she’s not the shy, retiring, numbers-nerd type. She’s lively, she’s
American, her language would make a sailor blush – but her experience in different businesses,
including 7 years at JD Wetherspoon’s, makes her a brilliant Finance Director for us. We’ve already
invited her to become a Peach partner.

Chris Stagg is our ultimate pub man (and boy). After 20 years of pulling pints, he decided to study business
management in Bournemouth before spending 10 years with family brewers, Hall & Woodhouse
(who share a lot of our values). He came to us in 2015 after a stint at Brunning & Price and now he
manages the people and operations side of Peach with huge enthusiasm, essential optimism and a
large helping of “Orlright treacle?” DJ Staggy can also usually be found on the decks at any good
Peach Party.