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There’s no Planet B. Top Tips To Help You Do Your Bit

Peach’s mission is to Make Life Peachy, for our suppliers, guests, team and planet. Each year we all receive a gift, a great bottle to enjoy on Christmas Day, and this year a book – on how we can all make small steps to help do our bit for the planet. I’ve just finished reading Louise Bradford’s ‘Save The World, There’s No Planet B’ and wow I learnt a lot. There was me thinking I do my bit for the planet, but from reading this book I realised that remembering to take my bags with me to the supermarket just isn’t going to cut it. Don’t get me wrong, every little helps of course, but this book definitely motivated me to do more.

What I already do

  • We stopped buying kitchen roll a few years ago now. I like Louise’s idea of cutting up old clothing to use as wash cloths if needed, so I’ll be doing this in future.
  • Using bars of soap instead of shower gels and hand wash. I got some lovely soap dishes for Christmas too – so no excuses!
  • My husband and I have decided to go vegetarian for the year! There’s no denying the impact meat consumption is having on the environment so we’ll definitely be doing our bit here.
  • I’ve never been a fan of milk so I’ve no fully moved over to Oatmilk in my coffee
  • We waste as little as possible, using leftovers either for dinner the next day or to making soup for lunch! And having a Peach Head Chef Brother helps with giving us tips on what we can do
  • If the bananas have been neglected in the fruit bowl, I now chop them up for the freezer ready to make ice cream
  • I now have a reusable water bottle that I take everywhere with me – no more throwaway single-use plastic bottles!
  • I have a few (sausage dog-themed) shopping bags in my handbag and car ready for when I pop to the shops, avoid using plastic.
  • It’s eco wrapping paper all the way now! Plus, lots of family and friends got homemade gift vouchers at Christmas (mainly promising to take them out for dinner ASAP)
  • I’ve double checked what can go in my recycling bin in my area. You can do that here

But what more can we do?

  • Remove plugs when items are not in use. Did you know devices left on standby mode account for up to 10% of residential power? The toaster is now firmly unplugged!
  • Layering up before turning the heating on, and if it has to go on, I’ve turned my thermostat down by 1 degree. Heating our homes accounts for around 70% of all residential energy use so even turning the heating down helps a little. FYI I’m writing this with a nice cosy blanket wrapped round me and the dog lying over my feet.
  • Washing my hair less. Superficial I know but I will struggle with this one! I’m going to start by washing it every other day and see how I go.
  • Store onions away from other veg. I had no idea they spoilt other veg – top tip!
  • Install a water butt. Ready to feed the gardens when it’s dry – rather than use the hose.
  • Visit Thame market. I’ll be making sure to visit the market for fruit and veg, supporting local producers and shopping local.
  • Spreading the word. I’ve raved about Louise’s book to anyone who’ll listen, also writing this blog will help get the word out!
  • Read the labels.
    • Organic doesn’t always mean environmental friendly.
    • If it features palm oil, make sure it’s sustainably-sourced or it’s going back on the shelf

Things I need to look into more – any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • Making my own soaps and cleaning products
  • Sustainable clothing brands
  • Growing our own vegetables
  • I make my own birthday cards but I’d like to look into some recycled paper to use for these

I’d love to know the little changes you’ve made to look after the planet. Email me at I’d love to know how I can do more!