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Did someone say Cotswold Gin!?

Renowned and loved for its beautiful and tranquil countryside, as well as the historic honey-colour limestone villages, the Cotswolds is an area much loved across the world. More recently we associate it with the gorgeous Aidan Turner from Poldark, equally as beautiful as the countryside and quaint cottages, even if it’s a slightly different kind of beautiful!

photo 4Although we didn’t need another reason to love the Cotswolds, we have been given one! Welcome to the first craft Whisky and Gin Distillery in the heart of this stunning area. Up and running for a short time, the team at this distillery share one dream, ‘to produce world-class small batch Whisky, Gin and other spirits’, personally I can buy into that dream and look forward to tasting the results of their efforts! Not doing things by half, they have created an outstanding micro distillery with impressively shiny mash tuns, wash stills and spirit stills. If these are words you haven’t heard before but would love to know more about, then there are frequent distillery tours which I would highly recommend.

photo 3Right, that is enough about the how, let’s get down to the exciting bit – the Gin! May I introduce you to Cotswolds Gin…. a traditional London dry style Gin with juniper, coriander and angelica root, given its unique taste from a magical blend of Cotswold lavender and bay leaf, fruity grapefruit, and a little kick from black pepper and cardamon seed. It really is worth a taste! It’s not chill filtered, which means that it retains more of it’s flavour than some other Gins and this also gives it a unique cloudy look when you add ice to it.

It really is special, just like the area it is created in! And to help you try this delicious Gin, we are adding it to our next Drinks Menu which is available in November… the countdown is on….