Cutting down, doesn’t have to mean cutting out. - Peach Pubs

Cutting down, doesn’t have to mean cutting out.

Climate change is real (despite what some might say!), and even some of the biggest carnivores among us are beginning to cut down on their meat intake. Whether it’s meat-free Mondays, or meat treats on weekends only, or completely vegetarian, eating habits are changing. Our vegetarian main sales are up 24%, and the vegetarian options on our menus is growing as we keep up with the change in behaviour.

But, not all meat is bad for the environment. And when you’re making a choice, it’s important you choose well. We always serve the good stuff, and it’s one of our most dearly-held values. Serving only what we want to eat and drink ourselves, we make sure we use only the best we can buy, always free-range chicken and pork, and grass-fed beef, naturally slow-grown on carbon-capturing pastures.

We also believe in Making Life Peachy. And that’s for our team guests, suppliers and planet. Our award-winning butcher, Aubrey Allen, have supplied us since 2007. Alongside various Michelin-starred restaurants, they also hold the Queen’s Royal Warrant. They only work with farmers who meet their high standards, and as a result we pay more for our meat than most of our competitors. But you can definitely taste the difference, and we know our meat comes directly from farmers who have the highest welfare standards and respect for their animals. So, when only a steak will do, make it one of ours.

Yet we aren’t denying there’s an argument that eating meat is damaging for the environment. Mass-produced, grain-fed, non free-range meat is not environmentally friendly, and there’s also a huge impact on palm oil production and the sustainability of avocados.

Looking into it further, we found some interesting numbers. Grassland is meant to be grazed, and 65% of the UK farmlands is only suitable for grass growing and grazing life stock. 85% of the water it takes to produce beef, is actually rainfall that it takes to grow grass and agriculture only contributes to 10% of greenhouse gas in the UK (vs 14% to residential and 26% to transport, to name just a few).

So not all meat is causing damage to the environment. It’s about choosing quality over quantity. Whether you join us for a Vegan cottage Pie or Vegan Sri-Lankan Curry, an Aubrey Allen Steak Burger or Free-range Chicken Milanese, make us your number one choice.

To learn more about our social responsibility and how we continue to make life Peachy, visit The Bigger Peach