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Barcelona with Brockmans Gin!

IMG_8376Well, Brockmans certainly know how to throw a party!

Sam (Deputy Manager of the Fishes), Matt (Ops Support – Bar and Cellar) and I, (Peach Recruitment Manager) were the lucky Peaches picked to go to Barcelona, hosted by these brilliant Gin makers to share in some fun and yes, a lot of Gin drinking. So with arms twisted, we agreed to go.

IMG_8357This is one of the great thing about working with Peach. In other companies I’ve known, its the Ops Directors, Owners and ‘Big Wigs’ that snuffle up all the good invites. However, in Peach they’ve always chosen to share these amazing opportunities with their team – who are younger, and maybe more well-equipped to spend ten hours drinking G&T’s!

We arrived in Barcelona with a great mix of other guests – from bloggers, to competition winners, to some guys from Indie (the distributors), and some uber cool bar guys – and checked into our stunning rooms…. or should I say, suites! Mine had a lounge, two bathrooms and super super super king-sized bed. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it I guess.

IMG_8385After a quick brief about the day over Willy Wonka style nibbles, the three of us mooched along streets lined with cool graffiti to the beach, and had a couple of Beers (don’t tell Brockmans). After a quick freshen up and a swift G&T, (this abbreviation may feature a lot) a short mini bus trip delivered us to Nuba for dinner. The restaurant was stunning, and we chatted over traditional but funky tapas and steak.

IMG_8409And then the magic began! Skipping the queue like the rock stars that we are, we entered an abandoned warehouse. In huge rooms with exposed brick walls, the three competition winners treated us to their cocktails, followed by an exclusive opportunity to watch three short, provocative black and white on trend movies to promote the Gin. Then came the party, with a band and DJ, live laser art displays and more G&T’s before being taken to a funky little bar in an apartment block – voted one of the best in the world. More Gin anyone? It wasn’t until 5am that we got to enjoy the expanse of our beds for a few short hours.

IMG_8367Needless to say, the long journey home tested our resilience, but the next day I think I can safely say we had a spring in our step, having had ‘A Night Like No Other’ – the slogan none of us could remember until it was over.

Thanks Peach. Thanks Brockmans.


Written by Natalie Langman