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A Bigger Peach Christmas

What better time to put into practise what we’ve learnt from our Bigger Peach sustainability journey? Known for being a season of goodwill and giving back, I really wanted to make sure I was being good to the planet at the most wonderful time of the year. So, I asked the team what they do to make for a very sustainable Christmas.

Here are our reuse, recycle and reduce tips and tricks for Christmas;


  • Great crafty! I use last year’s Christmas cards for present tags, boxes from old packaging to send parcels in and paper shopping bags as gift bags. Lindsey
  • I use packaging from deliveries to fill my gift bags. I use the shredded hay from Daylesford deliveries or the shredded zig zag card in other deliveries, as a base layer in my gift bags (as opposed to the plastic or coloured shredded paper you can buy to fill gifts). Kerry-Lee


  • I use washi tape instead of cello tape – it’s plastic-free and can go straight into the recycling bin with your wrapping paper! Bex
  • I add a little note in my gifts to let people know that they can recycle or reuse their packaging. My family think I’m bonkers, but I fly the green flag for them. Kerry-Lee
  • I make sure my wrapping paper is recyclable, with no glitter. Kim


  • I recommend cooking what you actually need and practising portion control. Hamish
  • Left over turkey? Make a Turkey fricassee or curry to enjoy during Chrimbo Limbo. Hamish
  • I collect fallen foliage for Xmas wreaths instead of buying from the shop. I’ve also dried out old oranges to make decorations. Donna
  • I try to buy gifts that people actually want and will love for many years rather than things that will end up in landfill. I think experiences make for the best presents. Whoops…was that a sales pitch? Kerry
  • No throw away anything… avoid paper napkins or paper plates when entertaining. Fabric or recyclable fill your own crackers are great for a personal touch. Janet
  • Ask family for unused Xmas decorations instead of buying new. They come with great stories and memories. Donna

We’d love to hear your sustainable Christmas stories. Send them our way – hello@peachpubs.com