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The World’s Best Steak!

Hereford Prime Steak

As the title suggests, the Herford Prime Steak has indeed been named the World’s Best Steak. However, we don’t think that simply telling you this is enough, and neither do they, we plan to explain exactly why this Steak has such stature.

First, a little bit of history…

Back in 1997 Hereford breeders and beef producers established Hereford Prime in order to market their brilliant meat. With the support of the Hereford Breed Society they were able to go forth and conquer and consequently have grown to over 2,000 members who all help one another.

These are some calm, cool and collected cattle…

The Hereford breed of cattle is early maturing and also very efficient beings. They eat their grass wisely and so lay down fine grained fat within the muscle. This we know as marbling and it gives an enormous amount of flavour in cooked beef. Furthermore, their calm and placid temperament and the farmers’ dedication combine, to allow for optimum maturation.

They’ve got a pretty good diet!

They are fed the best grass that can be grown all year round. This means that as well as being delicious the beef is natural, sustainable and bursting with vitamins, calcium and omega 3.

So, we’ve covered their origins, their lifestyle and their flavour, now the only thing left for you to do is go and give it a try…