A world without Bowie... - Peach Pubs

A world without Bowie…

It’s a weird thing to feel real sadness when someone you don’t know dies. ┬áBut with artists (music or otherwise), if you love their work – and if their art has touched you in some way, (especially when heightened by the nostalgia of a parent playing their music in your childhood) brings a real sense of knowing someone you don’t actually know at all.

I got back into listening to his music over the past couple of years, it was a great re-discovery. It started with a mission for a fancy dress party – convinced I’d make a fantastic Ziggy Stardust I started watching him on You Tube. In the event I went as Slash, but I guess that means I can save up my Ziggy moment for the next party in honour of the great inventor! I know I’ll do him proud (with my love of dressing up – if not my singing). I’m going to miss the man, but not his music – live on in our Peach Pubs playlists Bowie, Ziggy, you were a great Oddity……..

david bowie