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Women in Hospitality

We’re super proud to have so many women working in Peach. This International Women’s Day celebrates equality, so we asked our females what it’s like being a woman in hospitality.

Hollie Hawkins, General Manager

Growing up, I had aspirations of becoming a doctor, but at 21 I started running my first pub. I’m super proud of how far I have progressed in such a short space of time and still at a relative young age. It’s sometimes been challenging gaining the respect and trust of others, with many assuming there must be a “man” in charge. But being in a women in hospitality is about having the confidence and knowledge to stand up for yourself and I’ve worked with so many other strong women in the industry – I’ve never felt stronger. Some might expect that a man is needed to run a pub, but they’re wrong!


Bronte Ward, Deputy Manager

It’s great working for a company where we have an equal amount of female General Managers and partners as we do males. It really helps having so many strong, valued ladies to aspire too; proving it’s a realistic goal if you put the work in.

Hospitality wasn’t a career I planned or studied for, but to have so many opportunities in such a supportive and nurturing environment has really made it an easy decision to make it one. It’s great to celebrate people for who they are, their individuality and their differences. It’s great to not be part of a business where the ”Boy’s Club” culture really doesn’t exist.


Gemma Mallet, Ultimate General Manager

The best thing about being a women in hospitality is by far the fact I can be a full time working Mummy, with Bowie in bed, whilst Mummy is busy hosting her pub – I can have two full days off in the week and spend them with him, so he gets the best of both, part-time nursery and pretty much a full time Mummy – there is literally no other job – other than working at home, that you can do that. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Rebekha Wilkins, Group Marketing Manager

I started off in hospitality at just 16, so can honestly relate to being a women in hospitality. Regardless of gender, it’s a great industry to be in, males and females co-exist, working together as a team to run a great service. Yet we aren’t an industry without it’s fight for equality. Sexism does exist, we read it in the media and celebrity Chefs fuel the fire. As an industry we do have some way to go to encourage more females into cheffing as a career, but reassuringly I have definitely noticed more ladies in the kitchen over more recent years, and front of house, we really are going strong! For me it’s about getting up, standing up and never giving up. We have some great women in Peach, and the wider industry, several senior female role models I really do admire.

But we need equality. In every area of our lives. And I’m proud to be in a business that believe that too. As Sheryl Sandberg once said we must all lean in.