Winter Stars - Peach Pubs

Winter Stars

Going out to the pub is a special occasion now. So we wanted to make sure our cocktail list celebrates being “out out” this winter with some real treats.

Back in early March, in our ongoing search for sustainable drinks we tasted an incredible rum flavoured with dried banana peels, Discarded, that would otherwise have been thrown away. It’s lovely as a sipper, but as soon as we tasted it I thought: “Ooh, Banoffee Martini?” We reached for our delicious Cotswolds Cream Liqueur (Baileys in a good way) and some caramel rum. Matt grabbed his shaker – and a star was born. Sadly, lockdown intervened and it’s only now we’re able to bring it out and share it.

And if a creamy banana and caramel martini is too sweet for your tooth, try our wonderful new Tawny Old-Fashioned. Sandeman’s Twenty Year Old Tawny Port has long been an after-dinner favourite of ours. Blended with Buffalo Trace bourbon and stirred over clinking ice with a dash of bitters it’s the perfect warmer on a winter night.

Why not try one of our Winter hot serves? From Mulled Wine, Mulled Cyder to Clementine & Cranberry Warmer, even if we’re wrapped up in our thermals and big coats, sitting on a tented terrace under the stars, we know exactly what we’re going to be drinking to keep our spirits high. Please join us – at a safe distance. We’ll raise a glass together.