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Winter is coming… to our drinks list

Our food menu changes with the seasons, so it’s only fair our drinks list gets the same attention for the autumn and winter months.

Over the last six months the winter drinks list has been our focus – meaning lots of research, planning and of course tasting… After all that hard work, this week it was finally time to explore the new products with the team.

With the help of our suppliers, the team had the chance to learn why these products are the new stars on our list. Here is what you can look forward to come November.


Blackberries feature in two new cocktails on the list. Hello Hendrick’s Bramble, a great balance of sweet and sour thanks to a mix of blackberries, sugar syrup and lemon juice alongside Hendrick’s gin; and Chase’s Blackberry Crush, a tart yet fruity cocktail with blackberries, Chase vodka and apple juice.

Heard of Sloe & Mulberry Fizz? When we visited the Chase distillery in Herefordshire back in the summer the Williams Sloe & Mulberry Gin was so delicious we just had to find a place for it. Mixing it with Prosecco produces a glorious winter fizz.

The Apple Mac is a new addition, combining Monkey Shoulder, an easy-drinking, warming blend of three single malts, Stone’s Ginger Wine and apple juice.

The Negroni is also making a comeback. Strong and bitter, with Beefeater, Campari and Vermouth, it’s the perfect aperitif at any time of year.


How do you like your bourbon? We’re introducing three new American Whiskies for mellow winter sipping:

  1. Hudson Baby Bourbon – A small batch whiskey, and the first legal spirit to be produced in New York since prohibition. “Sonically matured” using bass speaker. Full of caramel and vanilla notes, this is one for the sweet tooth.
  2. Maker’s Mark – a rising star. Handmade, giving a noticeable, pleasant difference in comparison to many other premium bourbons. Made in small batches to ensure impeccable quality.
  3. Basil Hayden’s – Clean and light-bodied, with notes of honey, pepper and spice. Truly, easy drinking.


With new gins being introduced by the day, it was really important for us to identify the best. It wasn’t easy but we will be introducing five to our list. From dry, smooth to punchy or unusual:

  1. Monkey 47 –  47 botanicals.
  2. Cotswolds Dry – a classic London dry with spicy notes.
  3. Williams GB – Chase vodka becomes the driest of gins when infused with juniper buds & berries, nuts, spices and liquorice.
  4. Bathtub – multi award-winning with unusual bottling. This is one for the gin lovers.
  5. Hayman’s Old Tom – rich with subtle sweetness. Staying true to the traditional Victorian style.

Now, whoever said one bottle of wine isn’t enough, was right, unless maybe it’s a magnum…So this winter we have five wines in magnum. Perfect for celebrations, big parties and just general sharing.

Just in time for the festive season…come and join us by the roaring fire and enjoy a new favourite tipple.