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Wines to try with our new Autumn Menu

Some may argue that we have the best job out there, and today is an example of just how true that is as we get to talk about the two best things; food and wine.

At Peach we change our menus in line with the seasons to ensure we are only using the produce we get at the very best time to bring it into our kitchens. We work with some of the greatest suppliers, who truly care about their product and the planet. Our team of Chefs work hard to bring you a menu that is full of the good stuff, so we really wouldn’t be doing our guests justice if we didn’t have the ultimate wine list to match!

With our Autumn menu hot off the press, we figured now was a perfect time to pair some of the new dishes with the fantastic wines we have on our list and share with you just how amazing our wine suppliers are too.

Here’s a few of our favourites that are coming to the menu and some tipples to match, whether you’re just after a glass for yourself or fancy sharing a bottle with friends.

Pan-fried Scallops, Tartare Hollandaise, Spinach & Capers

If it’s just the one glass for you, give our Portuguese Vinho Verde from Casa de Vila Nova a try. Located in Northern Portugal, the vineyards are exposed to the Atlantic Ocean winds, which keeps them nice and cool allowing the grapes to maintain incredible acidity and freshness. Vinho Verde translates to mean “green wine” so named because they are always so young and vibrant. This wine contains three native grapes of Portugal, and our Vila Nova example is full of floral notes, citrus and gentle tropical aromas with ripe melon and sherbet lemon. Pairing perfectly with the acidic hollandaise, who doesn’t love the light spritz which is so synonymous with Vinho Verde?

If a bottle is on the cards, try a classic Picpoul de Pinet from Cave de l’Ormarine. Harvested at night, these grapes are picked specifically for their freshness and are the perfect pairing for almost all seafood. Grown sloped towards the sea in Southern France, this wine has ripe melon fruit on the nose and a white pepper flavour alongside crisp citrus. Its slight saline edge, with a hint of minerality, is the ultimate pairing for shellfish and works perfectly with the capers.

Pan-fried Sea Bream Fillet, Coconut Emerald Dahl, Tempered Spices

It’s notoriously hard to pair wine with anything with some heat in it, but we’ve got just the options to try with our new fish main.

If it’s just a glass you need, give our After the Clouds Chenin Blanc from South Africa a try. As many people know, this wine has a particularly close place in our hearts, as a team of Peachy wine experts headed over to Franschhoek for a few days last year and helped to blend a wine that was a real representation of what we do- delicious with food, but could be enjoyed by itself at the bar. An exciting blend predominantly Chenin led but with an unusual grape from Portugal called Fernão Pires in the mix, the complexity of this wine truly allows it to stand up for itself alongside this dish. Citrus, white peach & apple on the nose, but with a rounded mouth texture and hints of vanilla mean both the fish and the dahl will love this wine.

If you’re able to go by the bottle, a lesser known wine by Mandarossa called Fiano is definitely worth a try. Grown in Sicily, this is a super aromatic grape which also gains minerality from its limestone soil base & has an exotic fruit deceptiveness. The fresh herbaceous aromas of basil & mint pair perfectly with the grapefruit and citrus flavours, finishing with long length and hints of blossom. A really complex wine this is worth trying if you are excited by something different and will match up with the dahl well and truly. On the nose, it has fresh and fragrant aromas of jasmine, basil and grapefruit, tomato leaf and laurel. The palate is fresh and mineral, with hints of aromatic herbs such as oregano and mint, and excellent length.

Honey-glazed Merrifield Duck, Savoy Cabbage, Smoked Bacon, Puréed Celeriac, Green Peppercorn Jus

Now we get into really warming, hearty dishes that remind us of Autumn and of course we’re turning to the reds. If a glass is what you’re after and you are happy to try something slightly different to the usual expectation with a dish such as this, give our Chilean Pinot Noir from El Infiernillo a chance. Loosely translated to ‘littlhell’, Infiernillo gets its name from the Descabazado volcano which sits in the mountain range above the Andes and helps to create a truly sublime Pinot Noir. Smokey raspberry and red cherry fruit aromas are backed up by a rich palate of ripe berry and a leather note from the oak it was aged in for just three months. Delicate tannins allow for full fruit development & a wonderful cedar note to finish which pair perfectly with smokey bacon & the light spice in the peppercorns.

If you’re after a more classic flavour pairing and ordering by the bottle, here’s another interesting option to punt for. Our Massaya Le Colombier from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon is a blend of Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah (otherwise known as Shiraz) and although the country is a little more exotic, the wine is quintessentially French in its style based on a collaboration between European and Asian producers. Lebanon is producing some truly fantastic wines right now & with aromas of spice, meat and blackberry this bottle is a prime example. Red fruits and a touch of chocolate dominate the palate, with a supple rounded mouthfeel that leaves a nice long finish perfectly paired with the sweet spiced duck.

Lemon & Pistachio Polenta Cake, Black Cherries

Any wines with residual sugar can be a bit of a Marmite situation- we either love them or we hate them. Our Château Le Fagé Monbazilllac may hopefully be able to change some minds and offer a great option for those a little turned off by the like of Sauternes or other more familiar sweet wines, whilst also pairing perfectly with the zingy lemon in our polenta cake. Made in Bergerac not far from Bordeaux, Monbazillac had intense aromas of honey, blossom and marmalade before moving into a citrus orange and candied lemon peel palate. There are lots of complex ripe fruits in this Semillon led wine which can also pair up with our soft cheeses wonderfully.

Ordering wine in a pub, especially to match your meal, can be an incredibly daunting task, so hopefully this little snippet can give you a little insight. And if you’re still not sure or you’re ordering something else from the menu, be sure to ask one of our team for their recommendation… they get to try an awful lot of the wine over the time they’re with us- all for research purposes of course!

Happy slurping!