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Why Hudson Baby Bourbon is our favourite…

December 1933: New York rejoices at the end of prohibition and in 2005 Tuthilltown Spirits brings the tradition of small batch spirits back to the Hudson Valley. Hudson Baby Bourbon is the first legal pot-still whiskey produced since prohibition, and today they distill whiskey using grain harvested from farmers less than ten miles away. Proud to have been the early birds in the post-prohibition distillery scene, they are now at the forefront of sustainability and craft-distilling; sending their waste mash to local cattle farmers and generating their electricity usage from the 53 solar panels they have installed. Innovation is snowballing thanks to the input of over 50 hardworking and creative team members, their brand ambassador was even an environmental campaigner before he became a whiskey expert! Hudson Baby Bourbon is a full grain to glass production: with grain milled themselves, distilled, barrelled, aged and hand bottled and numbered.

Hudson Baby is smooth, warming and a much sought after bourbon, winning Silver Outstanding in the recent 2016 International Wine & Spirits Competition. A superb sipping bourbon with caramel and vanilla notes, aged in tiny two-gallon barrels using bass speakers to ‘sonically mature’ the spirit. Distinctively different and unique, using 100% corn. Unusual for a bourbon.

This premium small batch sits above the rest. A real craft spirit, a fantastic liquid and a great story. Hudson Baby is our favourite bourbon and can be found back on the list this winter. Served straight or on the rocks.