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What Makes a Great Head Chef

We’re always recruiting for good, decent Chefs, and joining us could be the perfect start to your 2019.

We have 20 food-led pubs, and it takes a lot of talent to get great food at pace over our passes every day, which got me thinking, what does it take to be a good Peach chef?

The answer isn’t easy. We pride ourselves on autonomy, and despite our size, our Chefs still need to be able to write the majority of their seasonal menus and all of their daily specials.

In an industry flooded with central kitchens, colour-by-number menus, and a dwindling lack of creativity and skill, it’s difficult to find the level of experience we demand at each level and it’s only getting harder. As more of the big brands turn to profit-making-packet-opening kitchens, their brigades don’t get the opportunity to build their repertoire and continue learn their trade.

Several of our Head Chefs were Raymond Blanc trained and many others have worked with amazing chefs in incredible restaurants. Making a perfect omelette, Beurre Blanc and Crème Brûlée is non-negotiable, and having a classic background not only teaches great food, but means the training for our junior team is the very best it can be – skills being handed down by the greats.

So, in 2019, if you’re thinking whether you’re a great fit for Peach, or what it takes to be good a Chef, here’s our checklist.

Passion. We all say it, but if it doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve the night before menu change, if you’re not asking for a brand new knife for your birthday or getting way too over excited by a particularly great box of mushrooms, then you just won’t enjoy it with us. You need to love cooking with the best ingredients, and strive to create the best plate of food, every time.

Teamwork. And we don’t mean in that CV-writing kind of way. You have to lead an army, work closely your fellow chefs and KPs are your soldiers. No matter what level you’re at, you stand shoulder to shoulder, help each other out of the proverbial ‘weeds’, pick up an extra shift and stay to the end to make sure you all get out together for that much needed pint together.

Strive for Perfection. In everything. Salads dressed just the right amount, adding a final knob of butter to make it just right and caring as much for the Fish Goujon Sandwich as you do for the Steak or Turbot special.

Enthusiasm. There’s nothing better than working with like-minded people who enjoy their job, get a buzz out of a busy service and don’t spend the day moaning or sweat the small stuff. There’s nothing worse than working with the opposite.

Ambition. Our best Chefs want to climb the ladder and get to the top of the game. We’d like you to see a future with us, but if you do leave, we hope it’s to learn more, try something new, and eventually return. Like so many do. Striving for the next promotion is absolutely key to our expansion, and we’re looking for Head Chefs of the future.

Great trainers. Whatever level you are, if you share your knowledge and want others to succeed then you’ll not only progress quicker, but you’ll be working in a harmonious kitchen.

Pride. Clean whites, tidy sections and fridges, a stickler for detail and a sense of pride for each dish that leaves that kitchen. Get the basics right and you’ll go far.

When all is said and done, it’s the person behind the Chef that interests us. Someone who gets our values and naturally lives by them. We can teach skill and train technique, but we can’t show you how to be Peachy – that comes from you.

If you fancy finding out more about what working in one of our kitchens is like, we are always recruiting, and if you’re a Peachy fit, we’ll offer you the job, regardless if we have a vacancy. Send your questions and CV to Natalie.cash@peachpubs.com