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Try going meat-free this January!

In any “normal” year, January sees the tackling new beginnings, setting out on new resolutions and fresh starts, but here we are finding ourselves in a similar position to where we were back in March last year.

Maybe you’re doing dry January (we’re proud of you!), or perhaps you want to do you bit for the planet and try Veganuary? We’d planned some great new dishes for our January menu, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. So, instead we thought we’d share some of our recipes for you to try at home. And if Veganuary is too challenging, in these challenging times, why not try veggie-anuary instead?

Our Veganuary Special throughout January was going to be a real showstopper! Being as you can’t enjoy it in the pub, why not try this Insta-worthy dish at home?

Beetroot Tartare (makes 5 portions)

Beetroot Purée 

250g Cooked Beetroot | 20ml Red Wine Vinegar | 20ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 15g Horseradish | Salt & Pepper

Method: Finely Chop Beetroot. Blitz all ingredients together until smooth.

Butternut Squash Egg Yolk

500g Squash | 5g Thyme | 50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 25g Dijon Mustard | 5g Turmeric | 50ml Vegetable Stock

Method: Dice squash and add thyme and a little stock to an oven tray, cover with foil and cook until squash cooked. Remove from oven, discard the thyme. Add mustard and turmeric and blend until smooth, slowly adding the oil and remaining stock.

Beetroot Tartare

250g Raw Beetroot | 125g Cooked Buckwheat | 5g Chervil | 50g Banana Shallots | 25g Capers | 65g Sherry Vinegar | 75g Beetroot Purée

Method: Finely dice the beetroot and shallots and mix with the cooked buckwheat. Mix with sherry dressing and leave overnight.

To Plate: Mix 100g Beetroot Tartare mix with the beetroot purée and leave overnight. When ready to serve, plate in the centre of your plate – press into a mould or whatever you have to hand. Create small hole in middle of the ‘tartare’ and pipe the squash ‘egg yolk’ into middle. Toast a couple of slices of sourdough and serve. Delish!

If going veggie is a new thing you’re trying – you’ll be amazed at the ever-growing choice in your local supermarket. From Linda McCartney to Moving Mountains, Meatless Farm and Strong Roots, there are many meat-free burger brands available to us! We believe being vegetarian shouldn’t be boring, and over the last 12 months we’ve been working hard to serve the best Dirty Vegan Burger on our menu! Our most recent, has been served with marmite onions – love it or hate it – it’s well worth giving a go and topping on your next burger at home.

Marmite Onions – Makes enough to top three burgers!

70g Onions | 10g Marmite

Method: Slice onions thinly, season and add to a pan with a little oil. Cook onions slowly on a low heat stirring constantly so as not to burn, add a splash of water from time to time. Continue to cook until onions are a nice caramel colour, soft and cooked through with no liquid left. Stir in Marmite at the end and continue to cook through for a few minutes. Top burger and enjoy!

And as the winter months get you down, and you look for something hearty and warming for supper, why not give a risotto a try? Easily vegan, without adding cheese, or why not try a vegan cheese – there’s now some pretty good ones in the supermarket fridges. Swap mushroom for peas, butternut squash or try adding some blue cheese.


300g Risotto Base (See below) | 70ml Stock | 20ml Rapeseed Oil |90g Mixed Wild Mushrooms

Method: Add rapeseed oil to pan and stir in risotto base. Separately heat the wild mushrooms. Plate the risotto and top with mild mushrooms mix.

Risotto Base (makes 4 portions (1.2kg))

500g Onions | 50g Peeled Garlic | ½ Celery | 1kg Button Mushrooms | 20g Dried Wild Mushrooms | 250g Carnaroli Rice | 50ml Rapeseed Oil

Method: Heat oil in a large heavy based pan, add onions and cook over a low-medium heat until fully cooked and translucent. Add mushrooms and cook down fully until all the water has been released from the mushrooms and has evaporated. Then add celery and garlic and cook for further 5 minutes or at least until the rawness from the garlic has gone. Add rice and make sure to coat with vegetables. Turn heat up high, before adding the hot stock a large spoon at time. Cook until al dente (approx 12minutes). Cool quickly.

We’d love to see your dishes, tag us on Instagram @peachpubs! Good luck.