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What Type Of Christmas Shopper Are You?

Christmas Shopping

It’s 21 days until Christmas, and having begun December in blissful denial that there are only three Saturdays left until the big day, it’s a now or never situation. Will Great Auntie Philippa receive her tin of Turkish delights on time this year?


Whether you love it or hate it, Christmas shopping is something on everyone’s ‘To Do’ list; the question is which type of Christmas shopper are you?


1. The Bargain Hunter

Sales, discounts, “bogofs” and freebies – you name it, if there’s 20% off, you’ll have it. Credit card at the ready, Black Friday is your time to shine.


2. The Amazon Addict

Ah Not even Santa and his nine reindeer could persuade you to step foot in that  shopping centre. A gentle peruse of the internet from your sofa, slippers on and  mug of tea in hand makes for the ideal set up to find all of your gifts.



3. The Last Minute Scavenger

Your vow to get organised and have all presents bought, wrapped and hidden away by December 1st seems to have somehow failed again this year. Often found frantically scurrying from shop to shop at 8pm on Christmas Eve, you convince yourself that your Dad will absolutely love the multipack of red and green cartoon socks you’ve just thrown into your basket.


4. The Well Prepared One

1 hour to go

In your world, June is the new December. Bought, wrapped and stored by July, you take being prepared for Christmas to a whole new level. December is the month for you to sit back, relax and smile smugly as all your friends rush around the shops in a full-on festive flap.


5. The Professional Personaliser

From jewellery to chocolate, photo frames to calendars, if it can be personalized then it’s a definite ‘must have’. Who wouldn’t want a pair of olive green gardening gloves with “Sally’s gloves” stitched on each hand?


6. The Homemade Handyman

AA As the nights draw in, you find yourself tinkering away like ones of Santa’s elves.  Nothing in the shops comes close to your handmade decorations and jars of Tomato  Chutney. There’s no question about it, your homemade stocking filler beats that  yearly set of knock-off smellies, every time.


7. “Under Excited Eddie”

‘That’ll do’ is your middle name. If it’s easy to find, easy to pay for and easy to wrap, then you’ll take it. Not that you don’t love your nearest and dearest, it’s just a day of fighting the crowds in the shopping centre and hearing “All I want for Christmas” play in every shop is not quite your idea of a fun filled weekend!


8. The Overexcited Elf

elf You LOVE Christmas. Twinkly lights, carol singers, sales assistants in Santa hats  and pop up Santa’s grottos – you cannot get enough! To your horror, your other half  has to remove you from the premises before you spend half your entire Christmas  shopping fund on a tacky overpriced, musical snow globe.


Merry Christmas!



By Hannah Langford