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The sugar tax, and our choice of softs

We believe in serving the good stuff every day, from our Aubrey Allen steaks with the Royal Warrant stamp of approval, to our award-winning line up of wine and spirits on the bar. If you’re driving, expecting or just not a drinker, we have a great range of softs for you to.

To help tackle obesity across the Country, a sugar tax was introduced on all soft drinks in the UK last week. The levy, aimed at sugary drinks, will help raise cash to fund sports in primary schools.

Many brands challenged themselves with reducing sugar, whilst still maintaining taste and flavour. This reduction in sugar resulted in many being exempt from the higher levy, resulting in a healthier drink with less added tax.

A newcomer to the list for Spring/Summer is one brand that avoided the sugar tax completely. Green Cola is the healthy choice for cola lovers. No sugar, no aspartame, no preservatives, no phosphoric acid and natural caffeine. At our drinks list launch last week, the team voted it top in a blind tasting against other diet cola brands, and it’s already won ‘New Product of the Year in Greece’ – watch out for this new arrival to the bar.

The Luscombe Estate in Devon have been perfecting their soft drinkssince 1975, and clearly know a thing or two about creating a fantastically fruity range flavoured with only naturally occurring sugars. One of our favourites is the English Apple Juice, using only organic apples from orchards in Kent and Herefordshire. It’s the perfect match for our Flat Iron Chicken, served in a large glass filled with plenty of ice.

Our choice of premium tonic is Fentimans. Their popular Pink Grapefruit, filled into a glass with fresh lime & soda is our grand soft favourite. Fentimans have been

making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years, and their artisanal drinks are brewed for seven days. The result is a superior drink tasting simply delicious. Plus, Fentimans lighter tonic option has 30% fewer calories than their regular.

Our fridges are stocked with the good stuff, along with naturally sugar free Frobishers juices, another option for those looking to skip the sugar tax.