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The Pumpkin & Pasta Project

This month our mission to Make Life Peachy, for our guests, team, suppliers and planet, continues. We want to make things better in the local communities we serve.

The Pumpkin Project

This November our fabulous veg suppliers, Reynolds, will be supplying the pumpkins and our Chef team will be cooking up soup to donate to local homeless charities. In total we’ll be donating 1,500 portions of soup and 300 pumpkins. Here are some of the messages we received so far;

The Oxford Methodists

“We were able to put together 20 ‘pumpkin hampers’ with a pumpkin, recipe card, couple of cans of soup, and a packet of rolls for each family (thanks to you lovely folk and Good Food Oxford). Thanks for all your help.” Libby

Good Food Oxford

Thank you so much again for supporting our Pumpkin Festival, we had amazing feedback from the groups you donated to, and I think the extra pumpkins made a huge difference to their events.

Vineyard Community

“The soup went down really well last week, thank you very much. Wishing you Good Luck with everything and Grateful Thanks for your support.” Sue

Community Cupboard, Rose Hill Methodist Church

“Thank you for your donation of 30 pumpkins. We decided to put them in a bag along with two tins of soup and some rolls for each of our friends. Thank you for your support in theses troubling times. We are still working hard to feed our friends by doing home deliveries to those who are shielding as well as welcoming friends to choose what they would like. On behalf of our friends and us at community cupboard Thank you.”

Cherwell Collective (Cherwell Larder, Harvest @ Home, and Climatarian Kitchen).

“Thank you SO MUCH! They are amazing. Just so you know what they will be used for;

  • As part of Good Food Oxford’s Pumpkin festival, we are having a carve and cook event for families facing food insecurity.
  • One of the activities is a “Taste it, Now Make it” tasting menu with meal kits and tips on how to prepare the dishes on the tasting menu and of course reduce food waste by cooking with the innards rather than throwing them away.
  • Our meal kits include pumpkin hummus, pakoras, curry, soup, and muffins. We will also offer jam recipes in the future.
  • 40% of our households have new financial hardship due to COVID, and a further 30% are isolating due to medical vulnerabilities.
  • One of our classes at the local secondary school went into isolation recently so those families will also receive a pumpkin and meal kit to help pass the next 10 days. 🙂

Thanks again for your donation to Cherwell Collective (Cherwell Larder, Harvest @ Home, and Climatarian Kitchen).” Emily

The Amber Foundation

“The pumpkin soup has been collected and it looks amazing! It will be for dinner tonight here. Thank you so much they are very gratefully received” Jemima

 Make Lunch – SUA Food Bank

“The recipe (used) is quite simple as many of our families do not cook from scratch very often and we also have to be mindful of budgets etc.  We have now collected the pumpkins and taken them to the warehouse for inclusion in our food parcels. Once again, many thanks for your kind donation.” Lavinia





The Pasta Project

During Lockdown we’ve also supplied 180 Butternut Squash Pasta Ready Meals to the following charities;

Lets Feed Brum, Birmingham

Trident House, Emergency Projects Milner and Edgwood, Birmingham

Helping Hands, Warwickshire

Oxford Mutual Aid, Oxfordshire






While we think we do a lot, there is always more we can do and so please do get in touch with any new ideas and let’s make a difference, together.