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The Peach Passport dash

If you follow any of our pubs on social media, you may have seen our Peach Passports. To celebrate our 15th birthday, we thought it would be fun to have a little race, and see which of our guests would be the first to visit all Peach Pubs. Each pub received 100 passports, to give to familiar faces who they thought may be up to the challenge. The only criteria was to date each pubs page, get a managers signature, and provide a receipt as proof of visit. Oh, and of course we at Peach were not allowed to compete for the grand prize of £500 to spend in any pub.

Anticipation was brewing with the daily arrival of the post in the Peach Barns. Who would be the first to complete all pubs? How fast could anyone possibly do it without dedicating their days to completing the passport? Would anyone actively spend their days trying to complete the challenge? The short answer is yes. Cue Paul and Ted.

Paul Nichols can usually be found frequenting his local, The Black Horse in Woburn. He runs an outside bar company, and what better way to make use of a little quiet period? Paul covered 14 pubs in one day, driving over 400 miles, to be the grand prize winner, handing in his passport on the 13th October.



Not far behind him (only 48 hours!), the lovely Ted Collett, a familiar face at The Rose & Crown in Warwick. He spent his weekend making the journey from Edgbaston to Surrey, and the girls at Brookmans were sure he would be the first… Alas, he graciously accepted his silver place, and we thought it was only fair to reward him with £200 to spend in his chosen pub.

A huge congratulations to Paul and Ted, it means a lot to us that you spent your time exploring our lovely pubs, and hope to see you back at some of the other soon!

If you’d like to give the passport a try, pop into your local and pick one up from the team. There is still £50 on offer to anyone who completes at least 10 pubs, and plenty of Peachy faces waiting to say hi.