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Ten Food & Wine Pairings To See You Through Life

Of all the things in life there are to be frightened of, wine (and what to eat with wine) should not be on the list. Food and wine are two of our greatest pleasures and greatest comforts. So eat what you fancy, drink what you like – and if you want a simple guide to ten combinations that will always taste brilliant together, here it is:



1. Steak & Malbec (or Cabernet Sauvignon) – the proteins in a steak soften the big, mouth-drying tannins in a full-bodied, structured red like Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. (Altos Las Hormigas Malbec, La Finca Malbec, Silver Myn Argentum Red)


2. Pasta/Pizza with Tomato-based sauces & Chianti – another “local” pairing. Chianti’s fresh acidity & fruitiness goes wonderfully with tomatoes. (Isole e Olena Chianti Classico)


1966149_752822444764870_5442623735498277453_o3. Goats’ Cheese & Sauvignon Blanc – food & wine often develop together in a place. The Loire Valley is famous for both goats’ cheese and Sancerre. But other Sauvignons taste just as good, their cleanness cutting through the creaminess of the cheese curds.(Sancerre Domaine de Pré-Semelé, Tummil Flat Sauvignon, Shaw & Smith Adelaide Hills Sauvignon)


4. Roast Lamb & Rioja – and another. The Spanish love to eat lamb cutlets from the grill with Rioja. (Artesa Rioja Crianza, Viña Arana Reserva)


1888477_827675507249493_858006093_n5. Fish and Chips & Champagne – a decadent treat. Crunchy batter, fresh fish & bubbles. Yum. (Champagne Devaux Grande Réserve, Veuve Clicquot NV)


6. Roast Chicken & Chardonnay – white wine does go with meat, try an unoaked chardonnay with your Sunday roast (Domaine Domneuve Chardonnay)


7. Duck & Pinot Noir – duck & cherries is a classic and Pinot Noir has great cherry flavours, so it’s a natural match. Fab with crispy duck & plum sauce too. (Tummil Flat Pinot Noir)


Brookmans Specials

8. Oysters & Chablis (or Picpoul de Pinet)a clean, dry, mineral white makes oysters and other shellfish sing. Picpoul is grown on the shores of the Étang de Thau near Sète, home of France’s largest oyster beds. (Laroche Chablis 1er cru, Les Vaudevey,  Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet)


9. Parma Ham & Prosecco – Prosecco from the Veneto, Parma Ham from Emilia-Romana just to the south – silky, salty meat & light, fruity fizz. Perfect before dinner. (Prosecco Lunetta)


1509766_643536475688464_1126436293_n10. Scallops & Oaked Chardonnayseared scallops, particularly with bacon, pork belly or a cauliflower puree cry out for a quality white burgundy or well-made New World Chardonnay (Bourgogne Blanc ‘La Tufera’ Sauzet, Innocent Bystander Yarra Valley Chardonnay).


Store this Top Ten in your memory banks and many happy hours at the table lie ahead of you. All the wines named are on our Summer wine list – why not come and try out a perfect partnership today?