Taking on the Dry January challenge this year?

In the past your options for a drink at the bar may have been limited but with 1 in 57 consumers now not drinking alcohol, 1 in 37 moderating their alcohol intake and 1 in 5 consumers reducing alcohol consumption to reap the health benefits we knew we had to do something with our drinks list.

Our mission was to find soft drinks that were; healthier, with less sugar, made with natural ingredients, sourced responsibly and of course sustainable.

Whether you’re being a hero just for January, driving, expecting or just not a drinker, our bar is full of the good stuff for you too. Our fridges are stocked with sparkling water infused with wonky veg, healthy Cola, a non-alcoholic gin, low-calorie pressed fruit juices with a gentle fizz, Old Mout non-alcoholic Cider and our booze-free Aperitivo Spritz.

3 / 4 oz. Spritz This spritz is your alcohol-free answer to Aperol. Enjoyed in our Aperitivo Spritz mocktail. 3/4 oz. Bittter Orange Apéritif | Sparkling Water | Lemonade

Old Mout Berries & Cherries A great cider, alcohol-free (0.05% ABV)

Cawston Press Pressed fruit shaken with water. Perfectly balanced – not too sweet and with a gentle fizz.

Dash Water Sugar and calorie-free British sparkling water, infused with wonky fruit. Raspberry or Blackcurrant.

Green Cola A healthy cola, without sugar or preservatives.

CEDER’s A distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin made with classic gin and exotic South African botanicals, found only in the Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape. CEDER’S is bottled in Sweden, after blending with pristine Swedish water.

These, alongside our low ABV cocktails and our non-alcoholic mocktails, non-drinkers will never be opting for a lime and soda again. See one of our drink menus here.

Is there a soft drink you look for when you’re at the pub? Let us know at marketing@peachpubs.com.