Shaking up Salt - Peach Pubs

Shaking up Salt

9-15 March is Salt Awareness Week, an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness about our salt consumption. It’s important everyone takes responsibility for our well-being and health, and crucially, ensure we’re doing our bit to give guests balanced choice across our menus.

Recommendations state we should be having no more than 6g of salt a day, but on average, we are eating more. Too much salt raises blood pressure, leading to health issues. Not only do we aim to raise awareness, and help guests lead healthier lives, we want to give our guests the choice and decision to enjoy blow-out treats to make occasions special.

All our dishes are properly seasoned, so always try your dish before adding extra salt. If you’re cutting out salt completely, or want to season your own fries, we’re always more than happy to not add salt at all. We only serve the good stuff, and take huge pride in the ingredients we use. We only source free range and sustainably, and like to make a real fuss of British fruit and vegetables. Because of this, we’re able to make our dishes taste great, without having to add too much salt. We’re always looking at other creative ways to add flavour to our dishes, from interesting spices and fresh herbs instead of adding extra salt. Trust us you can really taste the difference!

For more information on what we’re up to to make live peachy, read our ten promises here.

And don’t forget to think about what you can do at home. Avoid processed food, and cook fresh when you can. Following these simple tips will also help your reduce your salt intake.

  • Get creative! Salt is just one ingredient, and it’s an easy one. Try seasoning using more fragrant flavours such as fresh herbs, or unusual spices
  • Slow and steady wins the race. A 10-20% reduction in salt will go relatively unnoticed in terms of flavour, so gradually look to reduce the amount of salt, one step at a time
  • Keep in mind salt content of other ingredients. Salt is present in a lot of things, so whilst you may think you don’t add a lot of salt in your cooking, consider checking the salt contents on what you buy

Together we can keep guests and team well-balanced and healthy.