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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jude’s ice cream!

In case you didn’t already know, here at Peach we are incredibly passionate about our suppliers. We care about their story, their provenance and of course their tasty wares! Bearing this in mind, we knew we had hit the jackpot when we found Jude’s Ice Cream. Their family run business in the heart of Hampshire was the perfect fit for us, and the lucky Marketing girls got to go and see them for a visit a few days ago, and what a great day it was. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Warning: The following article may cause salivation and an impulsive need to scream about Jude’s Ice Cream.

The day started at their family home sat around the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea with Chow, one of the directors, and son to Jude (who is the namesake of Jude’s!). Not quite what you would expect from a company that have received over 25 Great Taste Awards, and supply some of Britain’s top chefs – of course this made us love them even more!

Chow kicked off with a bit of background on Jude’s, how his father had come up with a crazy idea one day that he wanted to create the world’s tastiest ice cream with milk from local cows. Once the seed was planted, he set off to learn how to make ice cream and set up shop in his barn at home. Soon all the family joined in (spoons in hand) and in 2002 the first Jude’s Ice Cream tubs were carried across the field to the village pub.

Looking at the barn today, home to the family’s motorbikes and used as a dance floor come ping pong stadium, you wouldn’t believe that it was where Jude’s all began.

Just down the road from the family home is the farm where all the milk comes from. Home to 220 Friesian Holstein cross cows, Jude’s support their local farmer, Steve. Steve milks his cows twice a day before filling up the 1000 litre containers, which are later collected by Jude’s. As an added spring bonus, there were even some calves around to say hello to!

Jude's calves

Once the milk’s been collected and transported, it’s almost time for the main event, which takes place at Jude’s HQ!

Perfectly set in the Hampshire countryside, you are able to see why this location was chosen when looking to expand. Good links to the motorway but without the hustle and bustle of your average industrial park and of course nice and local to home.

Location aside, it was time for ice cream. Supplied with flattering blue hairnets, Chow gave a guided tour of the dairy, telling all of how after the milk has arrived it is blended, pasteurised, homogenised and finally cooled and rested before flavouring. Phew, sounds extremely complicated but something Jude’s take very seriously. Once all that is taken care of the ice cream is frozen to soft serve levels when it is packaged. This is truly the best time to eat ice cream according to Chow, and boy was he right! Next up, packaging and freezing before distribution.

Jude's Marketing Trip

Once everyone had warmed up a bit, tasting took place. Flavours included were; Pecan Brown Butter (their newest addition), Gin & Tonic and Salted Caramel, to mention a few. All absolutely delicious! We can’t wait for you to try their Gin & Tonic ice cream on our upcoming summer menu.

Sadly, the visit drew to a close and having learnt all there was to know about Jude’s we just had to tell you all about it. So, get your spoons at the ready and try Jude’s Ice Cream in the pub today we think they’re best British ice cream producers in the game and we’re sure you’ll agree!