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Bigger Peach Promise 3 – We serve free-range meat and more plant-based dishes

At Peach, we believe in only serving quality, creating a menu that satisfies the indulgent weekend treat, as well as healthy, meat-free dishes too. We’ve always served free-range, it’s just what we do. Not only because it’s ethically the right thing to do, but it tastes better too. More recently, everyone has become more aware of the impact our meat-eating habits have on the environment, so eating less/better quality meat, is something we should all be looking to do.

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Pre-pandemic, we were starting to see a shift, steak sales were starting to drop, and vegetarian dishes were on the rise. After months of closure in 2020, guest flocked back to the pub, devouring all the good stuff they had dearly missed. Sales of steaks, burgers, our Merrifield duck and pies rose, and left the food team with the challenge of devising a balanced menu that not only gives our guests what they want, but also focuses on doing good for the planet too.

We are committed to great food in our pubs, and that includes great meat. We’ve also seen a rise in requests for plant-based dishes, and because we change our menu with the seasons, we’re able to constantly evolve the range on our menu. The pandemic made this even more challenging. Launching a smaller menu meant we had less space to satisfy all our guests – from vegans, meat-eaters and pescatarians, to those opting for a more flexitarian approach.
When we open our pubs again in April 2021, we’ll be launching our Spring menu.
Out of 8 deli plates, 6 are plant-based
Out of 6 starters, 3 are plant-based
Excluding steaks, out of 10 mains, 3 are plant-based
Out of 3 sandwiches, 1 is plant-based
All sides are plant-based, and of course all puddings too!
Excluding steaks, sides and puds, 48% of our new dishes are suitable for those looking to avoid meat or fish. If you include our fish dishes, 66% of our menu is meat-free, and you can be assured, that the dishes that do include meat, is quality meat!
From Shawarma-spiced Houmous to Warm Harissa Roast Cauliflower Salad, Aubergine Malay Curry and a Daily Vegetarian Special and a Dirty Vegan Burger, we will always offer plant-based choice. And we won’t stop reviewing the dishes on our menu, and evolving to suit our guests wants and needs. We’ve added 3 new vegetarian options to our new breakfast menu and you’ll find vegetarian options on our children’s menu too. Our pubs also host regular vegetarian and vegan nights, when you’ll see only plant-based dishes on the specials board.


You’ll find balance on the menu, and there’s balance in our food team too. Our menus are developed by a team of foodies, who are passionate about great  food, as well as doing good for the planet. Clive Dixon, our Michelin Star Development Chef, works closely with fellow Chefs (and Fathers) Trevor Blake and Sam Collins, to produce a menu that appeals and offers choice. Working closely with Rebekha Wilkins, Jo Eames and

 Frazer Sutherland, the team offer opinions from different eating habits, drawing conclusions from the sales data and guest feedback and experience from working in our pubs too. It’s an act of getting the whole menu right – the food, how dishes taste, looking after the planet, what our guests want, and price points. It’s always a challenging chat.
So as we continue evolving our menu and choices, as we have done with the launch of our new menu, we will continue to;
  • Review how we include more plant-based choices
  • Use only free-range and quality meat
  • Reduce our air-miles by sourcing British meat (think Dorset Charcuterie not Iberico Chorizo)
  • Offer meat-free alternatives on our foodie specials (think Vegetarian Wellington alongside our British Fillet Wellington)
  • Showcase seasonal fruit and vegetables, when British is at it’s best (English Asparagus and British Strawberries)
  • Audit our suppliers to ensure they too are minimising their environmental footprint
  • Listen to our guests

It’s obvious, red meat consumption impacts our planet, and we want to play our part on doing good for the planet, yet we have to stay true to who we are – a Gastro Pub serving a range of dishes, giving choice and balance to our guests. Check out our other blogs to learn more;