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Bigger Peach Promise 2 – We Feed our Guests Well

We’re proud to have been featured in a recent Case Study with our supplier Rubies in The Rubble.

The full article can be found here.

In October, we launched Rubies sustainable tomato ketchup into our pubs. Rubies in the Rubble believe that food should be valued as a precious resource, and that is  why their products are packed with delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste – not because they taste any different, but often because they’re the wrong shape, size or colour. Working directly with UK farmers, they have created a market for the freshest (if a little wonky!) fruit and veg to create an award-winning range of condiments.

Rubies noticed a huge overlap in their purpose alongside ours, and since launching our Bigger Peach Initiative, we have focussed efforts on making sustainable changes. We were looking for a ketchup supplier with a positive environmental impact and a story to educate and inspire guests to make sustainable choices, so we were thrilled to talk to Rubies about their waste-fighting condiments.

With our chefs cooking from scratch, we are always reducing the amount of avoidable food waste, just like Rubies. Serving a sustainably-sourced ketchup which saves surplus pears from going to waste is just another step in our food-waste fighting journey. After a rigorous taste-test against leading brands, we chose Rubies as the best tasting – just as good as the nation’s favourite.

Despite the rocky year, we remained focussed on our sustainability goal. Serving single use plastic sachets just wasn’t acceptable, so following a successful trial, took the plunge and moved to Rubies as our ketchup choice. With a fully sanitised, Covid-safe bottle, that can be washed and refilled, we took single-use sachets away, and helped the environment by also removing single use glass bottles.

We’re incredibly proud to be serving Rubies, and you’ll find it in every pub in the group.