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Perking up water naturally

A new type of water, using wonky fruit and veg from British farms, Dash Water brings healthy and sustainable hydration to the fore, and we’re excited to be listing it come late October. The first of its kind in the UK, this new range of sparkling spring water is uniquely infused with fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste, and is a healthy alternative to most of fizzy drinks found in our fridges. 

Founded by friends Alex Wright and Jack Scott, both from beverage and farming backgrounds, they wanted to bring a more natural, soft drink to the marketplace. They set out to prove that flavoured water could be developed naturally and sustainably, from the packaging through to the product itself.

After spending their weekends keeping the city hydrated by taking their new flavoured waters to London’s parks, the duo left their full-time jobs and set up Dash, producing a new type of drink, one that they would want to drink themselves.

The result is a responsibly crafted, three-can collection of waters using curved cucumbers, squashed raspberries and knobbly lemons – the bountiful produce deemed too “imperfect” for supermarket shelves. Infused for eight hours, Dash Water includes nothing more than British spring water and wonky fruit, calorie and sugar-free and healthy. Like us, they believe in only using naturally good ingredients to always serve the good stuff. 

With compatible backgrounds in both farming and the soft drinks industry, Alex and Jack witnessed first-hand the level of food waste caused by the regulations on produce grown: “We both wanted to bring a taste-centric, soft drink option to the table that was free from sugar and guilt. At the same time we recognise the need to minimise food waste at farms, so Dash Water was the combined result. So much fruit and veg is rejected by supermarkets, simply for not looking the part. The cucumbers, raspberries and lemons we use to may be wonky but they are just as wonderful, and full of flavour.”

Dash work closely with the food waste charity Feedback to support and save surplus ingredients.

We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.