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Why does Peach care?

One of our over-arching aims here at Peach is to deliver the good stuff.  Every time. And that doesn’t just mean what we serve in our pubs, it also means how we treat people – our guests, our team – and our communities and planet.

The founders of Peach – Lee, Hamish and Jo – have always been passionate about giving back and as Peach has developed and grown over the years, our ability and motivation to make the world a little better, a little peachier, has grown with us.  The Peach Foundation, a non-profit organisation, was created in 2013 to help us do exactly that.  The Foundation is a grant-giving organisation with two strands, one domestic and one international, both of which aim to improve communities and the future sustainability of our world.  It is funded by fundraising within Peach, a 25p contribution from every Superfood Salad sold in our pubs and sponsored events.

Herds for Change

In 2010, Tarquin and Lippa Wood created the Enonkishu Conservancy, in the Mara, Kenya, to help protect one of Africa’s increasingly fragile ecosystems.

The Conservancy is professionally managed and monitored by world aid agencies and it is currently a pilot project for Sustainable Rangeland Management for WWF and UNESCO-IHE.

Picture1At Peach, we want to help buy a breeding herd of beef cattle for the Enonkishu community.  The goal is to raise £130k to buy a prime herd of 8 pedigree bulls and 400 cows to support Maasai lives and the conservancy and to top it off, the profits will be owned by the community.  In September 2017, after months of fundraising, a Peachy team of people will be travelling out to Kenya to buy the cows and deliver the herd to Enonkishu.  Each cow costs £250 and we need your help to get to our target.

For more information, to donate and to get involved please click here.

Now, who’s with us?

Peach Herd 2017 Introduction Video