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Pass On Plastic

Abolition of single-use plastic is all the rage and rightly so. At Peach we have already tackled this issue front of house – straws, stirrers, drinks bottles, takeaway coffee cups have all been in our firing line. We don’t give straws and stirrers out unless on request, and if you do want a straw then you can enjoy your drink knowing its biodegradable. In our bar fridges you won’t find a plastic bottle. Our delicious coffee can be taken away in a compostable takeaway cup made from 100% sustainable sources and we are more than happy to fill up your water bottle. 

Now it’s time to look again at the back of house.

Our recent Olleco certificate congratulates us on our carbon savings, from our cooking oil recycling which equates to 403 less cars on the road each year. While lovely, it’s not the congratulations we need but the renewed appetite to take on the next unnecessary waste item. An easy process coupled with tangible results makes recycling oil a no-brainer. Congratulations back at you Olleco for making a sustainable, effective change which our kitchen teams are right behind and for giving us a free ‘in’ for the next eco push.

“Chefs, we want you to put down the rolls of cling-film and pick up beeswax cloth instead.” Said the bravest person never. 

I am married to a chef, a lot of his friends are chefs, I know quite a lot of chefs and one thing is for certain – they like cling-film. Next up, we’re going to look at how we can get our plastic waste down in our kitchens and keep our chefs happy. We’ll be looking into compostable cling-film and how we reduce the packaging coming into our kitchens from suppliers.

Watch this space. 

Psst (If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll find me head first in the recycling bin mummified in compostable cling film).