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Supplier Spotlight — Portwood Asparagus

Spring is always an exciting time for us, marking the wonderful (yet all too brief) season for English Asparagus. We source the very best quality from our friends, J.W. Allen & Sons, at Portwood Asparagus. We recently had the pleasure of visiting the farm and learning about the life of Portwood Asparagus from Andy Allen, … Continued

We’re Serving The Good Stuff This Christmas!

Our wonderful team of Chefs at Peach search far and wide to ensure that we always serve the good stuff. We are proud to source the highest quality ingredients for our dishes, something we have always made sure of, and always will. From Aubrey Allen’s finest cuts of Steak, to our Smoked Duck produced with care … Continued

The First Taste Of “Dip Your Own”

At Peach, we believe that great food and flavour comes from eating the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. With Asparagus being one of our favourite spring ingredients, we took a trip down to Barfoots, a beautiful farm on the South Coast to try some of this year’s first British asparagus. Barfoots is a privately owned family … Continued

The Best Of British Asparagus: Your Questions Answered

The British asparagus season is just beginning and here are six things you should know about this British super veg.   1. When does the British Asparagus season start? You may have been tricked into believing that asparagus is grown all year round in Britain. After all, it is in our supermarkets from January right … Continued

Supplier Spotlight – Reynolds

We’re supplier proud to serve fresh fruit and veg from the only remaining national family-run greengrocer Reynolds. So who are Reynolds In 1945, William Reynolds set up a fruit and veg stall at the Ridley Road Market in Hackney, London. William’s ambition was to supply his customers with the very best fresh produce, an ambition that … Continued

Steak By Royal Appointment…

Here at Peach we hold our heads up high knowing that with every mouth-watering steak we serve comes from the very best butcher! For those that don’t know, our butcher’s are Aubrey Allen of Warwickshire. Aubrey Allen is a historic institution, holding a HM Queen’s Royal Warrant. If it’s good enough for the Queen then … Continued

The Hot Dog: From Fast Food To Fine Dining

The German frankfurter, popularised in America, is more ‘on trend’ than ever before. No longer is the sausage in a bun confined to fast food trucks, funfairs and football grounds. Today we see artisan rolls, gourmet sausages and a variety of cool condiments. These sly dogs are becoming more popular by the day.   At … Continued

5 Things You Don’t Know About Our Fish

We source our delicious, fresh fish from a company called Direct Seafood & Kingfisher.   1. We’re committed to sourcing the good stuff as locally as possible, which is why a lot of our fish comes straight from Brixham, a small fishing town in Torbay, Devon. 2. Our suppliers have links with Non-governmental organisation’s (NGO’s) … Continued