One month of being Peachy - Peach Pubs

One month of being Peachy

So here are I am – one month in. Am I ‘Peachy’ yet? Well, I’ve learnt the values, now I just need to make sure I put them into practice! Something tells me though that I still have a lot to learn before I become truly ‘Peachy’.

My first few weeks have gone by at lightening speed – filled with meeting new people, playing pub bingo (10 down, 7 to go!), tasting the Christmas menu (yes I know – we’re on it already) and just generally embracing the company. At Peach we look after most areas of marketing in house, meaning we get to work across all areas of the business, which is great for gaining experience and learning new skills. We also work closely with the Poddies (area managers), General Managers and Head Chefs to organise and support specific pub events – no day is the same! We go from drinks list development sessions in London, to days on end spent proof reading menus – but we manage to make even the tasks which might not be our favourite entertaining in some way!

My brother also works for Peach, as Head Chef of The Fishes – and our partners are constantly ribbing us for talking about work. With my boyfriend in particular constantly asking me if everything and anything is ‘Peachy.’ They’re just jealous!

8 Questions with Lindsey

1. What made you become a marketer?

I studied Business at uni and marketing was definitely my favourite module. It gives you a chance to be creative as well as having the more nitty gritty budget and analysis side.

2. If you’re having a dinner party at home, what do you cook?

I go through phases but at the moment it has to be a Moroccan style selection – can you tell I love our deli boards!

3. If you got your dream job tomorrow, what would you be doing?

Running my own wine or cocktail bar!

4. What words of wisdom would you give any young marketer starting out?

Talk to everyone – you never know who knows who or who could turn out to be a great contact.

5. What’s your biggest achievement?

Buying our first flat and running the London Marathon.


6. What attracted you to Peach?

This is an industry I have always wanted to work in and I had heard great things about the company’s ethos and team development.

7. Anything you won’t eat?

I eat pretty much anything and everything, but randomly I really don’t like fudge.

8. What makes you stay at Peach?

The opportunities and the people –  it’s just so Peachy!