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Move over Pimm’s, there is a new drink in town

We all love gin, we don’t know when we started to all love gin, but we do. It is a deep love which is only getting stronger, what with all the interesting flavours that keep hitting our taste buds, it doesn’t look like that love will dissipate anytime soon.

Those clever chaps at Sipsmith had already earned a place on the leader board when it comes to gin love with their London Dry Gin which has a distinctive taste but is perfect for those classic Gin Martini’s or a good old Gin and Tonic. However they have raised the bar significantly with their Summer Cup – launched this year, it has made shaken up summer drinks lists across the country!

summer cup with gin in background - Copy

Simply delicious Summer Cup is their London Dry Gin blended with fabulous ingredients like Earl Grey tea and lemon verbena (freshly grown and picked lemon verbena that is!), it is then served super chilled by as much ice as we can squeeze into a glass and topped with lemonade and finished understatedly with a slice of lemon.

GO AND TRY IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! Seriously, this drink is not to be missed, it smells delicious, it looks beautiful and the taste, well the taste outdoes any Pimm’s or Mojito that I have had, and I have enjoyed both those drinks for years.


Well done those Sipsmith boys, I will be waiting with baited breath, alongside the rest of the bar team at Peach Pubs, to see what-else you can create in your distillery!