Meet Emma, our UCB student - Peach Pubs

Meet Emma, our UCB student

This year Peach took on three students from University College Birmingham for their 45 week work experience placement. We meet 20 year old Emma, who works at The Fishes in Oxford, and whilst she already comes with some fantastic experience under her hat, she’s proving to be a Peach Super Star!

Emma’s always looking for an adventure, and when she graduates she wants to continue to travel and explore food from all over the world.

This is her story so far…

“The Fishes is a big kitchen, we have 6 chefs, but that goes up to 8 or 9 in the Summer because of our large garden. It’s pretty busy all the time, relentless, but the food quality remains high with everything being freshly made.

I chose Peach because I had never worked in a pub before and wanted to do something different. They offer excellent training, so I knew I would have the opportunity to progress. It’s been great so far, and I’ve had the chance to understand how to run the entire pub, not just how a kitchen works. I’ve also loved having the opportunity to live away from home and stand on my own two feet. I’ve learnt time management, and how to follow different recipes to make sure the food is consistent; but the most exciting and challenging thing is that James, my Head Chef, has asked me to come up with ideas for the specials board. I’ve never been the most confident when creating a dish but I’ve had to overcome this, and have loved coming up with specials that fit in with the pubs menu style.

One of the best things about Peach is the trips. I recently went to Brixham Fish Market as part of my training, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting other members of the Peach team and learning about the fish trade. It was eye-opening and would love to do more!”

What’s your funniest moment?

There are too many. However, the daily banter in the kitchen really makes me laugh. I enjoy the joking and a good humoured nature, and whilst I’m mostly on the receiving end, it’s all good fun!

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by Tom Kerridge. He had a successful career before turning into a TV chef with an impressive 2 Michelin Star gastropub – one of the first to make a pub something more than what it was known for.

What do you cook for dinner?

For dinner I’d cook a Rack of Lamb, Gratin Dauphinoise with a Red Wine Jus and some Glazed Carrots. Lamb is my favourite meat and Dauphinoise my favourite potato, the red wine sauce would complement it, and the carrots would add colour. 

Favourite dish on the menu currently?

The best dish on our menu currently is the Pork Belly, Braised Red Cabbage & Creamy Mash. It’s simple but delicious! Another favourite of mine was a recent special, Blade of Beef, Mash, Autumn Greens & Bourguignon Sauce, it was amazing. It’s all of my favourite things; tender beef with a rich sauce soaking over the mash.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here so far, and would definitely return to Peach in the future. I love how everyone is so friendly and that Peach really focus on their team. I like the values they share and what they offer the guests. If you want to experience a friendly working atmosphere, work with fresh food and have the chance to progress, with plenty of options of where to move to, my advice is Peach for your placement! If you do, the most important things you need are a willingness to learn, basic knife skills and enough knowledge of ingredients to work in a professional kitchen. I find the number one value is respect!”

Nat Cash – Recruitment Manager